Pink's six-year-old daughter is embarrassed by her pop star mom

Yes, not even celeb parents are safe from embarrassing their kids.

Even the most famous parent can’t escape the shame of embarrassing their kid and Pink learned that the hard way this week. The pop star and mom of two snapped a photo of herself on Instagram before attending daughter Willow’s sixth birthday party with her kindergarten class. Pink revealed to her fans that even celebrity parents deal with kids who would rather you just not.

“Headed to my kids kindergarten class to bring rice crispy treats for her sixth birthday. It’s weird that she’s embarrassed by me,” Pink jokingly captioned the photo. “Not like I wear a lot of bizarre colorful make up or anything like I’m pretending to be a popstar. Kids these days.” We think that Pink looks stunning in the photo, but to a daughter, even the daughter of a celebrity, anything Mom does is uncool.

But it’s all good because Pink made up for the embarrassment with a magical birthday cake she baked for Willow.

It’s clear that Pink isn’t taking her daughter’s judgement to heart, but it’s a telltale sign little Willow is growing up (we’re not crying, you’re crying!)

We still think you’re awesome, Pink! You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom.

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