Hadrien Trudeau’s birthday cake was seriously lacking and the internet had thoughts

The Prime Minister's youngest son just turned four and the people of the internet are unsure what to make of his birthday treat.

By Kevin John Siazon

Hadrien Trudeau’s birthday cake was seriously lacking and the internet had thoughts

Photo: @sophiegregoiretrudeau via Instagram

When you think of a kid's birthday celebration, certain things automatically come to mind, like balloons, cards, streamers, presents and, of course, cake. But Hadrien Trudeau just celebrated his fourth birthday and, judging from a photo his mom Sophie posted on her Instagram, he's maybe not that into cake?

Take a look.

Yep, that cake is not a cake. It's a banana.

To be fair, it's got a chocolate drizzle and looks to be more of a banana boat kind of thing—you can see they sliced the side and put in more chocolate (and maybe some marshmallows?). So it's not just a banana. But, yeah, it's not cake.

And of course, the people of the internet had something to say about it. "No disrespect but is your son’s cake a... peeled banana?" wrote one user on Sophie's Instagram post.

"This poor child got a banana as a birthday cake," wrote another.

As far as online haters go, those were actually pretty tame, but some haters took the chance to get a bit political on Justin's Facebook post.

Now we get that that Hadrien's the Prime Minister's son, but come on folks, he's just a kid celebrating his fourth birthday—is this really the place for that?

Also, he seems pleased and excited to blow out that sparkler and eat his birthday treat, so maybe it's exactly what he asked for? Kids can be pretty particular about food and we're thinking he probably just doesn't like cake. Or maybe he's on a gluten-free diet? Who knows. But it's his birthday, so as long as he's happy, that's all that matters. Right? And he does look pretty happy.

Luckily, there were many others in the comments who supported his choice of birthday treat.

So, happy birthday Hadrien. That picture is super adorable and we hope you enjoyed that birthday banana as much as this kid did.

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