Little boy asks for the weirdest birthday cake ever

You definitely can't buy this cake at the grocery store.

Cutesy Frozen and Paw Patrol cakes probably dominate most preschool birthday parties.

But Benz Packard doesn’t pay much attention to that, he prefers to watch The Incredible Dr. Pol on National Geographic and thumb through his issue of Canadian Angus 2016 Bull Buyer’s Guide. The reality show, which follows the work of a Dutch veterinarian, and the animal catalog really do it for Benz, who also loves visiting his grandparent’s farm and helping out on his aunt and uncle’s ranch.

So when it came time to request a birthday cake, there was really only one option: A “cow having a calf,” obvie. #CakesLoblawsDoesntSell

Photo: Jamie Packard

Photo: Jamie Packard

Hay, Girl, Hay.

His mom, Jamie, wasn’t surprised. She was mostly concerned how she would execute this very special confectionary.

And boy, did his mom deliver (ha, see what we did there?).

Behold, a cow calving her baby.

It has the potential to be gross, but it’s actually kind of sweet. We’d fork that.

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