Sorry Justin and Sophie, but Hadrien is the coolest Trudeau

Like a typical toddler, Hadrien isn't impressed by all the super important people he's meeting in Washington. And it's amazing!

Etalk Photo: Etalk via Twitter

So the Trudeaus, all five of them, arrived in Washington yesterday (March 9) for an official visit. And everyone was talking about Sophie's gorgeous all-Canadian-outfit and how amazing it will be to see Barack and Justin together. But we are busy obsessing over two-year-old Hadrien. This is a major state occasion and like a typical toddler, he does not care. Look at his face.

Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter

Hello, my people!

Photo: @davidsunlee via Twitter Photo: @davidsunlee via Twitter

And here he is hanging with The Weeknd. He could care less, he's more interested in the food.

Photo: Adam Scotti via Twitter Photo: Adam Scotti via Twitter

No biggie, he's just meeting President Barack Obama...with his shirt untucked. Total boss!

Basically, Hadrien is the best part of this tour. Hands down.

This article was originally published on Mar 10, 2016

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