Hadrien joined dad Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill and the result is adorable

He's a future Prime Minister in the making!

Being the Prime Minister of Canada is a huge job, but it’s nothing Hadrien Trudeau can’t handle.

The three-year-old recently joined dad Justin Trudeau on Parliament Hill for a little take-your-kid-to-work kind of day and the cuteness of it all is just too much for us to deal with!

Justin posted the photos taken throughout the day on his Instagram with the caption, “Had some company at the office today!” And company he did have! Not only did their day on the job look like a ton of fun, but little Hadrien got to experience what being the PM of Canada is all about.

He ran from meeting to meeting with his dad…

Had some company at the office today! Quelqu’un m’a tenu compagnie au bureau aujourd’hui!

A post shared by Justin Trudeau (@justinpjtrudeau) on

He flashed that irresistible Trudeau smile to the press…

Hadrien and Justin Trudeau in front of the press

Photo: @justinpjtrudeau via Instagram


He signed lots and lots of bills….

Hadrien Trudeau at his dad's desk playing on a smartphone

Photo: @justinpjtrudeau via Instagram

Addressed some very important issues while wearing a Star Wars shirt…

Hadrien and Justin Trudeau making a speech

Photo: @justinpjtrudeau via Instagram

And still found time to just chill out and play with Dad!

Hadrien and Justin Trudeau playing hide and seek in his office

Photo: @justinpjtrudeau via Instagram

Hadrien’s a future Prime Minister in the making, what can we say?

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