Chrissy Teigen just said what all pregnant women think at some point

Chrissy Teigen latest tweet will have you nodding your head and going "yup, I've totally been there!"

If you haven’t guessed by now, we love Chrissy Teigen, and her latest pregnancy-related tweet has got all the moms nodding their heads and thinking: “Yup, I’ve totally been there.”

Pregnancy is hard, and there comes a point (usually in the last trimester) where it all just gets so unbearable (and swollen, so freakin’ swollen) and you come to the same dark realization that Chrissy did: “This baby is sucking the life from me.” Check out her full tweet below:

I mean, she’s kinda right. Growing fetuses do have parasitic qualities. The nutrients you ingest gets passed on to the baby and for the time being, you get nothing in return but aches and pains. We guess you can say that some pregnant moms get shiny thick hair and a beautiful glowing face, but pregnancy is definitely not the kind of mutually beneficial relationship that clownfish have with sea anemones (thanks, Finding Nemo).

Luckily, this kind of parasite is not some slimy disgusting bug thing (well, the sliminess from birth gets washed away by nurses—thank goodness). Instead, it’s a bouncing baby that will grow up and continue to drain you of your resources for the next 18 years. But, hey, at least it’s really cute!

So stay strong Chrissy, you did this before, and you can do it now. You got this.

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