9 Best Toddler Winter Boots for Cold, Wet Days

Cold, rain and snow are no match for these top-rated toddler winter boots.

9 Best Toddler Winter Boots for Cold, Wet Days

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Seasons changing means swapping out your adorable toddler sandals for something sturdier, like toddler winter boots. Whether a toddler girl or toddler boy, your little ones' feet and toes will be well-prepared in some of the best toddler winter boots we've sourced such as the best knee-high, best gender-neutral and best luxury options.

What to look for in the best toddler winter boots

When looking for toddler cold-weather footwear, it's best to start your checklist with waterproof options to keep snow, ice and water out—without damaging the boot itself. Spray less protective, water-resistant options with sealants if you can't find winter boots made with rubber, plastic, neoprene or synthetic leather.

Look for styles that have closures to keep water from getting in the shaft, as well. Velcro, tight lacing and toggle-style closures can help keep water from seeping in that way. It's also important to choose a warm style, especially if you live in colder climates. Consider faux-fur-lined options and those with a soft, supportive footbed. Consider soles with added grip, especially if you live in a climate where ice and snow might make walking difficult.

Finally, look for boots that are lightweight and flexible so that your child can move well. Remember those clunky, heavy snow boots of your childhood? There's no need to suffer anymore thanks to innovation in children's footwear.

Best overall

Northside Child Unisex Frosty Boot

Northside Child Unisex Frosty Boot, best toddler winter boots Merchant

Over 8,000 parents or caregivers have rated these boots from Northside as one of the best toddler winter boots, praising everything from the design to the quality for the price. Available in 15 different colors for every picky toddler's preference, and it goes from toddler size four all the way up to big kid size seven.

These toddler winter boots have a waterproof toe, a traction bottom, a water-resistant upper and even a reflective stripe down the back for visibility—ideal for long days playing in the snow. There's a closure to make sure that the boots are nice and tight so that no water seeps in through the top, and the pull tab makes it easy for your little one to get the boots off and on by themselves.

Best budget

KVbabby Snow Boots

KVbabby Snow Boots, best toddler winter boots Merchant

For parents who need to stick to $25 and under for winter boots, these KVbabby Snow Boots are a hit. A rubber sole featuring a faux leather exterior that makes them easy to wipe down has earned these kicks top marks. Synthetic fur lines the boots for warmth and comfort, and there's a skid-resistant bottom featuring adorable bear faces.

Choose from 10 stylish colors like white, brown and pink and it comes in toddler sizes starting at size four, with half sizes available. A clever velcro strap in the back makes these a breeze for little hands to close.

Best knee-high

Winter Riding Boots

DADAWEN Girl's Waterproof Pom Pom Back Zipper Knee High Winter Riding Boots, best toddler winter boots Merchant

For older toddler girls in search of the look of riding boots with a winterproof spin, these are a fashionable option. Ideal for chill, lessy snowed-in areas and city living, she'll be the most fashionable tot in town. Knee-high and made from waterproof, these skid-free soles are a guaranteed win.


There's even a crystal heart and pom pom design to add style to ho-hum winter activities. Choose from three colors including two neutrals and a vibrant red. An inside zipper helps make getting them on and off cold feet an easy task.

Best for ice

Merrell Unisex-Child Snow Quest Lite 3.0 Waterproof Boot

Merrell Unisex-Child Snow Quest Lite 3.0 Waterproof Boot, best toddler winter boots Merchant

If you need heavy-duty, super-grippy toddler snow boots for icy areas, then Merrell's Unisex-Child Snow Quest Lite 3.0 Waterproof Boot is going to be your go-to toddler winter boot. It has an outsole with extra grip for superior traction and it's light and flexible for walking delicately.

There's a toggle closure that's adjustable to fit your child's foot perfectly and it's made from waterproof material. It has a ton of insulation inside for warmth and is temperature rated to -35 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know it can handle even the iciest of conditions. If you have a moderate budget, we think these are the best toddler boots for seriously inclement weather.

Best gender neutral

Nautica Kids Snow Rain Boots

Nautica Kids Snow Rain Boots, best toddler winter boots Merchant


Made in the duck boot style, these Nautica boots are classics and perfect for both girls and boys. They have a rubber sole with lots of traction for snowy or rainy conditions and they're fully waterproof. Your child can sport them as rain boots, snow boots and hiking boots and their feet will stay warm and dry.

If you're not feeling the gender-neutral brown color the Nautica Snow Rain Boots are also available in additional colors, such as pink and navy, in sizes toddler five to big kid five. These are perfect for sluggish mornings when the temperature hardly hits 25 degrees, the sky is grey and the slush puddles are plentiful.

Best for boys

GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots

GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots, best toddler winter boots Merchant

A whopping almost 20,000 reviewers on Amazon agree that the GUBARUN Boy Snow Boots are some of the best you can buy for toddler boys winter boots. They have a waterproof outer shell that keeps feet nice and dry, and a faux fur lining to help keep them warm.

Two buckles across the leg help get the best fit from this pair of boots, and your toddler will love buckling himself into the boots, which come in a variety of colors and styles. We love how well they keep little feet dry.

Best for girls

CIOR Kids Snow Boots

CIOR Kids Boots, best toddler winter boots Merchant

Little girls will love the girlie choices from CIOR for toddler girl winter boots, such as pink unicorns and purple hearts. Not just stylish, they're also practical: These winter boots for kids have a bungee closure at the top to seal moisture out and prevent water from seeping in and they're fur-lined for comfort and warmth.

The entire easy-to-put-on boot is waterproof to keep water out, too, and it has a super grippy bottom to prevent slips. It's an easy toddler winter boot for your kiddo to get on and off by themselves. We also love the safety-minded reflective back for visibility.

Best luxury

UGG Butte II CWR Boot

UGG Unisex-Child Butte Ii Cwr Boot, best toddler boots Merchant


If you're ready to spend on a toddler winter boot, then it's hard to find one more luxurious than UGG's Unisex Butte II CWR Boot. It's made from waterproof leather with an Australian sheep fur interior for comfort and warmth. It has a rubber sole with good traction as well as a Thinsulate insulation. These have been cold weather tested to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

We love the lace-up design that allows for breathing, tight closure or added room for cushy wool socks and thick gear that tends to land on kids' feet when the mercury drops.

Best Walmart

Wonder Nation Sherpa Snow Boot

Wonder Nation Sherpa Snow boot, best toddler winter boots Merchant

This adorable metallic sherpa snow boot will keep your toddler in style all winter long. It has a faux sherpa and metallic faux leather exterior with a skid-resistant sole for traction. It zips up and down so your toddler will be able to get it on and off themselves, and it's adjustable through the bungee closure.

Tested to -5 degrees Fahrenheit as well, these toddler winter boots are as functional as they are adorable. They keep feet warm like far more expensive options, and we love that. The added platform height also does a good job of keeping feet dry when kids walk through slush puddles.


How to size toddler winter boots


Toddler boots don't need to fit true to size; in fact, you'll most likely want to go up an entire size. This will help accommodate thick socks for warmth while giving your child's feet room to breathe. Plus, you may need to tuck in snow pants or ski gear. If your child isn't fully communicating yet, you can pull the liner out and measure their foot that way.

There should be enough room for them to move comfortably, especially in the toe box area. Look for a thumbnail's length between toes and the top of the boot for a well-fitting winter boot.

How to wash toddler winter boots

Boots get gross, but there are specific ways to wash your boots so that you don't ruin them. The first step will always be to check the tag or manufacturer's website for specific directions for that style. If there aren't any, then use clean water to wash the dirt and grime away from your waterproof boots.

Don't put winter in the washing machine and dryer, and don't use soap unless instructed by the manufacturer. If they're moldy, try an 80% water and 20% vinegar spray to kill the bacteria. Dry them in a low-moisture area, separating the insoles from the boots. If the insides smell, try stuffing a sock with a few tablespoons of baking soda and leaving it in the boots overnight. It should remove any excess odors.

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This article was originally published on Sep 19, 2023

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