The Best Washers And Dryers for Busy Families 2024

The best washers and dryers: tried, tested and reviewed to make your family's laundry day easier than ever.

The Best Washers And Dryers for Busy Families 2024

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Laundry day is a major undertaking when you're a parent. You probably already have all the best laundry detergents for sensitive skin added to your newborn checklist, but efficient machines should also be a top priority. The best washers and dryers make laundry day less of a chore.

We tried, tested and studied every style machine you might consider—looking at how easily they handled bulky linens from your kids' mattresses, stain-fighting and overstuffed loads.

The best washers and dryers 2024


Best washer overall

GE Smart Front Load Washer with OdorBlock

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We ranked the GE Smart Front Load Washer our top pick on the list of best washers and dryers thanks to easy set up, impressive user reviews, reasonable pricing and fuss-free maintenance. The 32-inch depth fits in most homes and laundry rooms with ease—no extra space required.

This model also features an UltraFresh vent system with the brand's OdorBlock technology that eliminates extra moisture to prevent odors and weird growths. That means your washer stays fresh, clean and hygienic with less effort. Microban technology is also built into the machine's components.

We love the GE Smart Front Load Washer's built-in Wifi and start/stop monitors with real-time notifications right on your phone. There's also a sanitize-with-Oxi setting that removes 99% of bacteria thanks to a dedicated cycle that uses an Oxi additive to boost your detergent's cleaning power. We never thought a washer would top our list of potty training products, but here we are.


  • Exceptional overall performance
  • Removed stains well and sanitizes the grossest messes
  • Larger-than-average capacity
  • Fits most standard 32-inch depth laundry spaces
  • Electric hookup
  • Moderate price
  • Reversible door for the setup of your choice
  • Available in either white or black
  • Wi-Fi connection available if you want to pair the machine with smart devices


  • This machine has so many features that for some households, it may be overkill

Best dryer overall

Samsung Stackable Vented Dryer

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We chose the Samsung Stackable Vented Dryer as our best dryer overall, and reviewers seem to agree. This sleek white machine is a fairly-priced, durable essential that Home Depot shoppers can't stop raving about. The large 7.5-cubic-feet capacity means you can easily dry large loads on a whim. Heck, you can throw a whole king-size comforter without worry.

A built-in sensor dry system helps prevent over or under-drying to keep your best fabrics in tip-top shape for years to come. The machine's 10 preset drying cycles help target your exact drying needs and times, and it's so easy to use that any kid old enough to read can probably help you do the laundry.

"Two months ago I needed to replace my washer and dryer set," writes one verified purchaser. "I live in a small high-rise condo in the city, so I needed units that would fit in the available space in my place. However, I didn’t want to sacrifice capacity, features or performance by getting a compact dryer."

He continues, "The Samsung dryer turned out to be the perfect choice, its 7.5 cubic feet capacity and design provide full-size power in a compact stackable footprint. It has loads of pre-programmed settings and features that make it simple to use and tailor to your needs. The dryer runs super quietly and efficiently, making doing laundry a pleasure."


  • Exceptional quality and price
  • Thousands of positive user reviews and ratings
  • Large 7.5-cubic-feet capacity means less time doing laundry
  • Sensor dry system helps prevent overdrying for optimal fabric care
  • 10 preset drying cycles


  • No WiFi connectivity
  • Less bells and whistles than other models, but does everything you need a dryer to do

Best stackable washer and dryer

LG Large Capacity Stackable Washer

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We love the space-saving design of the LG Large Capacity Stackable Washer and Dryer. Whether you live in a condo, share your laundry space with a bathroom or just don't have nearly enough room to have a side-by-side unit, this set totally delivers.

It's a 4.5-cubic-feet pedestal-compatible unit that can be used stacked or solo—the choice is yours. The washer's cold wash system is a real winner with reviewers, boasting warm water performance at energy-saving lower temperatures. Better yet, those lower temperatures preserve fabric quality and integrity for longer.

"This washer has all the features and cycles that I'm likely to use, except for the 'Drain and Spin' cycle which I used once or twice in the 20 years I had my previous LG washer," writes one happy, verified purchaser. "The washer has same direct drive motor and warranty as the other, more expensive models with cycles and features I never used on my previous washer."


  • Stackable design saves much-needed floor space
  • 4.5-cubic-feet of large capacity washing action that rivals bigger floor models
  • Pairs with either the LG electric DLE3400W or gas DLG3401W dryer
  • ColdWash provides cold water savings with warm water performance
  • Value-price for a machine with a deep-fill option
  • Roomy enough to wash several toddler pillows at once (we tried!)


  • Washing machine benefits from minimal soap to reduce build-up
  • Large capacity is good for families of up to 5 or so—more than that requires a bigger machine if you have only one laundry day per week

Best budget washer and dryer

Whirlpool Top Load Washer and Side Swing Dryer

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You don't have to spend a fortune to have one of the best washers and dryers for your family. We love the Whirlpool Top Load Washer for its efficiency and budget-friendly price point that makes sense for cost-conscious families. It's Lowe's bestselling electric washer model and one that reviewers are utterly in love with.

A dual-action spiral agitator deep cleans clothes and linens with ease while the porcelain-smooth wash basket protects even the most delicate lace. Because this model is a top-loader, you have plenty of extra time to load more items in or add other laundry products as the basin fills.

We love the quick wash cycle, cold wash capability and no-tangle promise of this machine when washing bulky linens and heavy winter coats. It's also designed, engineered and assembled in the USA. You can buy it as a bundle with the gas dryer or electric version.

"We needed a smaller washer to replace our old one," writes one verified purchaser. "And this little Whirlpool was just what I was looking for. We've had it for three months, and it has worked perfectly so far!"


  • Affordable under $600 price point
  • Several high-end washing cycles that rival pricier machines
  • Top-load style allows plenty of time to add in forgotten items and soap
  • Top-reviewed
  • Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA
  • Nearly 5,000 customer reviews with an almost-perfect 4.5-star average rating


  • 3.5-cubic-feet capacity may be too small for large families
  • Not stackable

Best all-in-one washer-dryer unit

LG All-In-One Compact Washer Dryer

LG smart front load, best washer and dryer Merchant


Low on space? Don't worry—the LG All-In-One Washer Dryer is just the ticket. It cuts wash times by up to 30 minutes thanks to the brand's brilliant TurboWash technology. No machine switching is ever necessary because both washing and drying take place in the same device.

It's also a smart all-in-one thanks to smart home and WiFi connectivity that allows you to operate the machine and troubleshoot right from your phone. We love smart features for busy families. And yes, that means you can load the machine in the morning and run it later in the day when you're good and ready.


  • All-in-one style model is sleek and space-saving
  • High-end efficiency and design
  • Medium capacity is ideal for families of up to five people
  • Cuts wash time by up to 30 minutes with LG’s TurboWash
  • 6Motion includes six different wash motions to maximize performance and stain fighting
  • Smart home and WiFi-enabled to operate & troubleshoot with a simple phone app


  • Somewhat smaller capacity than larger individual machines
  • Somewhat pricey, though less expensive than two separate units of similar quality

Best large-capacity washer and dryer

LG Large Capacity Washer with TurboWash and Dryer

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Once again, LG wins the spot with its Large Capacity Washer. We love the sleek black steel offering, though it comes in other neutral colors as well. Pair it with either the matching large-capacity electric dryer or the large-capacity gas dryer. Either way, you have room for all the kids' clothes, bedding, winter coats, beach towels and more.

An impressive 5.2-cubic feet mega capacity on the washer offers all the interior space you could ask for in a pedestal-style model. Built-in TurboWash allows you to wash even massive loads up to 20 minutes faster. You can even fit an entire set of king-size sheets and the coordinating comforter in a single load.


We headed to a neighbor's home with this model to give it a whirl and were impressed by its quiet run time, efficient loading and easy-to-clean filter. Seriously, emptying laundry filters can be gross—but this washer's design makes it quick, easy and mess-free.


  • 5.2-cubic-feet Mega Capacity Front Load washer and matching dryer
  • Pedestal-compatible Load Washer
  • Dryer available in either electric or gas models
  • Turbowash allows you to wash larger loads 20 minutes faster
  • Fits seriously massive loads (we even shoved a foldable mattress in this model!)
  • Convenient front-load washer and dryer system
  • Brilliant energy efficiency


  • Somewhat pricier than other models, though still an excellent overall value
  • No WiFi connectivity

Best washer and dryer set for pet hair

Maytag Pet Pro Washer and Dryer

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If you have pets and kids at home, you absolutely need the Maytag Pet Pro Washer and Dryer. This washing machine for pet hair removes five times more pet hair with the Pet Pro Filter than typical washers. It spot treats, rinses and soaks clothes while quickly and easily removing even the peskiest pet hair.

The Pet Pro option lifts and captures pet hair from clothes and traps it in the XL lint trap. Use the steam-enhanced dryer and moisture-sensing technology to keep your favorite fabrics pristine. It promises to dry clothes without leaving pet hair behind. Even if you don't have pets, it's one of our favorite washing machines and dryers because it does an exceptional job catching lint and fuzzies.

We also love the reasonable price point, easy filter cleaning (it's important) and sleek design that instantly updates your laundry room.


  • Built-in Pet Pro technology lifts and captures pet hair from fabric, containing it in the XL lint trap
  • Ideal for families with kids and pets
  • Excellent stain removal
  • Available in both black and white color options
  • Large-capacity laundry machines are ideal for busy families and extended households


  • Not WiFi connected, though who needs that if your favorite black pants no longer have cat hair on them?

Best portable washer

Black+Decker Portable Washing Machine

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Whether you're low on space, using this portable washing machine in your RV or just trying to be more efficient, the Black+Decker Portable Washer is a sure win. Five available cycles make washing every type of load a breeze. Choose from heavy, gentle, normal, rapid and soak.

It's suitable for baby clothes, diapers and delicates. Even with the affordable price, it features a modern and expensive-feeling control panel.

The entire unit weighs about 48 pounds and has three water level options with various temperature settings. It's also durable, rust and corrosion-resistant, which makes it our favorite portable washer pick and an ideal choice for RVs, camping and vacations. If you love that idea, check out these tips for camping with a baby.


  • Portable washer unit that weighs about 48 pounds, so it's relatively easy to move on your own
  • Affordable (under $300)
  • Easy to set up in RVs and campsites
  • Five wash settings
  • Safe for baby clothes and diapers
  • Simple to operate
  • Smart top-load washer for tight spaces


  • Small cubic feet capacity at just under 1 cubic foot
  • No drying option

What is the most reliable washer and dryer?

In our experience, we like the LG models overall but found exceptional quality in across select Samsung, GE, Whirlpool and Maytag washers and dryers. The most reliable washer and dryer also depends on the way you use it and the warranty and store guarantee available.


Overall, it's important to consider the frequency of your washing, load size and power source when choosing the best model for your home. A good warranty sets your mind at ease and ensures you'll be washing plenty of loads for years to come.

What is the best month to buy a washer and dryer?

We don't always have the luxury of choosing exactly when to buy a washer and dryer, though holiday weekends are known for exceptional deals on large appliances. The best washer and dryer deals typically tend to fall under the umbrella of Presidents' Day sales, Memorial Day sales, Labor Day sales and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

What is the best portable washer and dryer?

As we mentioned above, we think the affordable Black+Decker Portable Washing Machine is an excellent choice. It requires little time to set up, it's easy to use and affordable.

Where can I find the best prices on washers and dryers?

We found the best prices on washers and dryers are typically through Home Depot and Lowe's, though several excellent sale prices and deals can be found at other retailers including Amazon, BestBuy and Walmart.

Overall, we think Home Depot presents the best value because they'll deliver your new machines at no added cost and even haul away your old, broken-down washer and dryer for free. The same can be said for washer dryer combos. We think that's pretty great, and we're betting you will too.

This article contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This article was originally published on Mar 24, 2023

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