12 Best Toddler Sandals for Summer 2024

These comfy toddler sandals will keep them walking in style all summer long.

12 Best Toddler Sandals for Summer 2024

Summer is around the corner and with that, so are vacations and day-trips galore. It's important to find the best toddler sandals to prevent burnout from the family reunion at the best all-inclusive family resort or everyone will hear about it.

With so many choices, how do you find the best sandals for kids that don't break the bank, or better yet — pairs that come with arch support? No worries. We've got it covered for every budget and every small foot for the best toddler summer ever.

What to look for in the best toddler sandals

Choosing the best toddler sandals shouldn't feel like rocket science. You want to look for decent arch support, something made of lightweight, washable material (like mesh or rubber), and a product that holds up to summer heat and rain. It's even better if your toddler can easily move in and out of water while wearing them, say if you're at the pool.

Whether you're looking for the best toddler sandals that make walking a breeze or a pair your toddler will actually wear at all, we've got you covered.

The best toddler sandals 2024

Crocs Crockband Sandals

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With more than 17,000 reviews and an average 4.7-star rating, the OG comfortable shoe—the Croc—is one of the best toddler sandals for walking, swimming. splashing in puddles—you name it.

The Crockband is made for all-day play with it lightweight, durable foam construction. Water-friendly with all-day support, this summer sandal remains a bestseller among parents thanks to an affordable price point and quality construction. Available in nine color combos, these definitely worth the hype.

Wonder Nation Bump Toe Sandal


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These sandals are one of the best toddler boy sandals and the price isn't bad, either. At just about $10, these offer a hook and loop closure that makes for easy on and off.

Wear 'em at the pool, camp or the county fair. The breathable, quick-drying upper keeps your toddler's feet fresh and cool while the bump toe protects their little toes from injury. We love how much more support these offer compared to flip-flops.

Tombik Beach Slides

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If your toddlers want a sandal that's a little more visually exciting, the Tombik Beach Slides offer and an easy slip-on design.  An elastic back heel strap allows for easy on and off while still looking cute as can be.

With six designs to choose from, your toddler won't even notice the comforting arch support or the thickened sole to keep feet dry while providing a little traction on wet surfaces. More than 9,000 Amazon ratings on this toddler shoe can't be wrong, and for less than $20—we can see why!

Dream Pairs Summer Sandals

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For parents looking to invest in quality, Dream Pairs Outdoor Summer Sandals have a ton going for them. Made in the USA, the lightweight, cushioned insole and vented upper give hours of comfort even on the hottest of days.

This quick-dry, water-friendly toddler sandal has a combination hook-and-loop strap and bungee elastic lacing for your adventurous toddlers who need their freedom! Plus, it's made with some of the same ballistic fabrics that the best convertible car seats and backpacks offer. That means these shoes are prepared to stand up to just about whatever kids throw at 'em.

Kidpik Glitter Sandal

12 Best Toddler Sandals for Summer 2024

Active toddlers but make it fashion: This Kidpik Glitter Sandal is the best of both worlds. The machine-washable, comfortable sandal may not cover the toes, but reviewers say the squishy sole is super comfortable for even the pickiest sandal wearers. Some of the best toddler sandals are both stylish and practical.

Available in toddler size nine through big kid size 6, these are easy to love, match and grow with.

Unisex Double Strap Sandal

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For parents on the fence about all the pink or blue, one of the best sandals for toddlers by Old Navy is gender-neutral and comes in only one color. The neoprene upper and double adhesive secure-close strap will keep your toddler's foot cozy and secure while the heel is enclosed by an ankle strap.


These sandals also create less waste because they're made with 51% recycled polyester. A five-star rating and an affordable price point make these really are some of the best sandals for kids.

Nike Sunray Toddler Sandals

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Among the best toddler sandals for walking, running (and everything in between), the Nike Sunray Protect covers all the toes but offer openings in the upper for easy air flow. Made from textile, phylon, and rubber, these classic sandals for toddlers are water resistant with a stretchy, natural feel for little kids of all stages.

They're a bit on the pricier than other similar sandal designs at $36, but an unbeatable brand guarantee and quality construction promises these are an excellent investment in a comfortable, cool summer.

Keen Closed Toe Sandals

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If your criteria for finding the best sandals for toddlers include an all-around sturdy unisex sandal that does it all, this is the shoe. The Keen closed-toe sandal comes in a wide variety of colors, is adjustable and water resistant and fun to wear.

This moderately priced sandal is made with a compression molded insole for all-day comfort, an easy fit with a hook and loop strap, and solid traction on the bottom. More than 12,000 people loved and reviewed this sandal as a top go-to for their toddlers. Frankly, it's the model we have on our own kids right now.

Wearing with socks? Opt for a half a size bigger than usual.

Bodatu Outdoor Sandals

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For the athletic toddlers this summer, the Bodatu Outdoor Sandals are closed toe offer an adjustable strap with a hook and loop for easy on and off. Made with breathable mesh, this lightweight sandal provides shock absorption for extra safety.

This isn't only one of the best toddler sandals for walking, but for day camp adventures, fun at the playground and amusement parks. A durable velcro strap makes them a cinch for toddlers to get on and off all by themselves. We love the cushioned rubber soles.

Unisex Shower Slides

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Imagine this: you've been to the best all-inclusive family resorts, but without these sandals — you haven't lived until you've walked in the Adidas Shower Slide. It's among one of the most-purchased and reviewed sandals on Amazon. And, with 20 color options, these lightweight slides may not look that supportive, but the thousands of reviews say they definitely are.

This summer shoe may not be the best for an all-day walking event or for active play (because they slip on and off), but they do the job for almost anything else.

Wonder Nation Trail Sandals

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Calling all budget parents! The best toddler boy sandals from Wonder Nation aren't only durable—they're just $9. Your kids will love the cushioned sole. You'll love that it's made from recycled materials.

An easy hook and loop system makes for getting these open-toe cuties on and off a dream—and your littles will never know these are such a  steal and double as light hiking sandals!

Fam Together Pool Clogs

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If you have any Croc lovers, these Fam Together Pool Clogs do the trick. Great for indoor and outdoor activities, let your toddler go wild in the sprinkler, let them air dry and walk them right into the bathroom.


Sturdy and durable, the rotating heel strap keeps your child's toes in place—and their shoes ON!—while at play. Available in four colors, sizes five through 10, these make the perfect summer sandal for any gal looking to add a little charm to their shoe lineup while still playing tag with their besties.

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This article was originally published on May 18, 2023

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