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13 Non-Alcoholic Drinks Made for Celebrating

Whether you’re pregnant, sober or just want something special to drink (minus the booze), these tasty wines, spirits and mocktails have you covered.

13 Non-Alcoholic Drinks Made for Celebrating

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We giggle at #WineMom memes as much as the next parent, but there’s something to be said about staying sober while still celebrating (Hello, 6 a.m. toddler wake-up calls!).

Raise a glass without worry by pouring one of these tasty non-alcoholic drinks for moms, dads and all the other sobriety-loving grown-ups at the party.


Gin-lovers rejoice! You may not bother with the real stuff after sipping this distilled, non-alcoholic alt-gin. Seriously, this stuff is so good. Choose from Classic, Crisp or, our favourite, Wild, which has juniper combined with ginger, clove and rooibos.

bottle of non-alcoholic gin with grapefruit wedge and cocktail Photo: Ceder's

Developed by a husband and wife duo, it's made from a variety of 18 hand-picked South African botanicals, found in the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape, along with others sourced throughout Europe. The botanicals are individually distilled and then blended with pristine water from Sweden to extract the finest flavours.


Love craft beer but hate the hangover a few too many pints leaves you with? This non-alcoholic drink will get you in the mood to celebrate its refreshing taste.

cans of beer arranged in a pattern Photo: Partake/Facebook

With Blonde, IPA, Stout, Pale and Red to choose from, this Canadian-made craft brewer offers low-cal, non-alcoholic versions of your favourite brews.


03Seedlip spirits

Made with the same care and attention as a bespoke spirit, these non-alcoholic beverages are based on the recipes from the 17th-century book The Art of Distillation.

Bottle of Seedlip non-alcoholic drinks Photo: Well

Choose from Garden 108, a fresh and floral blend of handpicked peas and hay from founder Ben Branson’s farm; Spice 94, a distilled Jamaican allspice berry and cardamom mixture, which pairs perfectly with tonic and red grapefruit; or Grove 42, a citrusy blend of blood orange, mandarin, lemon and ginger.

Even if other people at the party prefer alcoholic spirits, they'll love this tasty bar cart addition that makes clean, sober drinking a total pleasure.

04Lumette! non-alcoholic distilled spirit

Handcrafted and distilled using traditional methods on Vancouver Island, these tasty spirits claim to deliver the same experience as a contemporary-style botanical-based spirit, with zero percent alcohol.

non alcoholic distilled spirit Photo: Lumette!

The new London Dry is perfect for gin lovers with a juniper citrus-forward flavour, while the Bright Light is distilled with a bounty of botanicals giving you the uniqueness and versatility of an aromatic spirit. Plus, being buzz-free and hangover-free is a total mental health boost.

05pink House Alchemy Ginger Shrub

Whether you're sober curious, celebrating Dry January or breastfeeding, this tasty glass bottled beverage is perfect for party time. It's a booze-free drink option that pairs marvelously with soda water, ginger ale or just about any other no-booze fizz.

bottle of ginger shrub Photo: pink House Alchemy

Many mixologists use shrubs to enhance the flavour of spirits, but this "sipping vinegar" can also play a starring role in your glass. Simply add soda and a slice of candied ginger and you’ve got an impressive-looking mocktail.


06Vin(Zero) Brut Blanc

A bottle of non-alcoholic wine Photo: Hill Street Beverages

The notes of peach, muscat and lemon make this sparkling beverage the perfect centrepiece to any celebration, without the ugly hangover.

07Loxton De-Alcoholized Wine

Wondering what the heck “de-alcoholized” wine is? This multi-stage process removes nearly all the alcoholic content from a traditionally made vino.

Bottle of Loxton Chardonnay Photo: Superstore

The result isn’t always great, but Vancouver natives Malcolm and Linda Gillis scoured wine regions across the globe to find a de-alcoholized wine that was worth raising a glass to. They found it in Australia and developed a collection of 99.6% alcohol-free red, white, rosé and sparkling wines.

08Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic Beer

Can of Clausthaler non-alcoholic beer Photo: LCBO

While non-alcoholic beer isn’t new, most producers use a complex method of extracting the alcohol after the fact (similar to de-alcoholized wine). Instead, Clausthaler adds the hops at an advanced stage of the brewing process, so only a negligible amount of alcohol is produced and the beer’s flavour isn’t compromised.


09Heineken 0.0

Bottle of Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer Photo: Heineken

This non-alcoholic beer is a first for the popular Heineken brand, who spent two years perfecting the taste so that it tastes just like the beer brand you know and love. Order this when you want that refreshing beer taste, but need to go to work in the morning.

We think it's one of the best non-alcoholic drinks for pregnancy thanks to the refreshing bubbles that pair well with all the much-needed protein you're probably packing into each day. And if you're giving beer for breastfeeding a try, this one hits all the right (and safe!) notes.


This Lambrusco-style zero-alcohol wine has just the right amount of fizz and flavor to keep your alcohol intake to the bare minimum: zero. You'll never even miss the real deal.

sparkling fruit beverage Photo: Viveau

Looking for something refreshing to drink? This sparking beverage is made from half sparkling mineral water and half fresh-pressed fruit from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. Choose from wild blueberry, ripe cherry or crisp apple cider.

11Mr & Mrs T Mai Tai Mix

Bottle of Mott's Mr & Mrs T Mai Tai Cocktail Photo: Walmart

Sugary cocktails like daiquiris, margaritas and Mai Tais are all about syrup. These tasty mixes make it easy to skip the spirits while still getting that spent-the-day-by-the-pool vibe. Add some orange juice and seltzer and you've got a professional-grade non-alcoholic cocktail with a sophisticated flavor profile.


12Sangria Berry Mocktail

pink sangria cocktail in gold-trimmed cocktail glasses Photo: Roberto Caruso

Stir up orange, pomegranate and lime juices with some frozen fruitand soda and you’ve got a fizzy, sweet-tart mocktail perfect for toasting. Make sure you have some high quality grape juice and sparkling water on hand to add fizz. Get the recipe: Sangria Berry Mocktail

13Sparkling 'Champagne' Mocktail

Four glasses of Sparkling 'Champagne' Mocktails Photo: Roberto Caruso

The French may disapprove of the name, but this bubbly brew ensures that everyone can clink glasses—even tiny revellers. Get the recipe: Sparkling 'Champagne' Mocktail

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This article was originally published on Feb 09, 2021

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