5 super-simple slow cooker recipes

Dump in the ingredients and let your slow cooker do its thing. This is convenience food at its most wholesome. Check out our favourite meals from The Best of Bridge Cookbook: The Family Slow Cooker

5 super-simple slow cooker recipes

Photo: Erik Putz

best of bridge slow-cooker recipes

Pineapple Chicken

Over rice or quinoa, kids will love this sticky-sweet chicken. Keep an eye on the cook time to keep it from drying out, or swap breasts for thighs. Get the recipe: Pineapple Chicken

chicken with rice and veggiesPhoto: Erik Putz

Almond and Cherry Granola

Yep, you read it right: This granola can be made right in the slow cooker. Press it up against the pot’s inside wall to make it extra toasty, then serve it over yogurt, with milk or munch it by the handful. We won’t judge. Get the recipe: Almond and Cherry Granola

bowl of granola and milkPhoto: Erik Putz


Caramelized Onion Pasta Carbonara

Onions go from “gross” to melty sweet and almost invisible after eight hours in the slow cooker—picky eaters won’t even know what hit them. You could add some sautéed bacon to the finished dish because: Bacon! Get the recipe: Caramelized Onion Pasta Carbonara

plate of spaghetti cabonaraPhoto: Erik Putz

Chana Masala

Crack open a can of chickpeas, slice and dice a few veggies and add coconut milk and spices. Bam, you’re done. The end result is a creamy curry that’s worthy of all the naan you can dunk. Get the recipe: Chana Masala

plate of chickpea chana masala with naanPhoto: Erik Putz

Hamburger Soup

Hamburger Soup is one of the most famed Best of Bridge recipes—and for good reason: It's delicious. This slow-cooker version freezes like a dream, which means you can always have some stashed away. Get the recipe: Hamburger Soup

bowl of beef soup with veggiesPhoto: Erik Putz

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This article was originally published on Mar 05, 2017

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