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Top 20 baby names in Prince Edward Island for 2015

Did Anne (of Green Gables) make the list? Check out the top baby names in PEI.

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Based on provincial government statistics, we’ve rounded up the most popular names in Prince Edward Island. Don’t worry, the lists for the rest of the provinces and territories are coming. We’re just waiting for them to release the data. Stay tuned.


1. Oliver
Elf army

2. Jack
Diminutive form of John or Jackson

3. Mason
Stone worker

4. Noah
Rest, peace

5. Wyatt
Brave in war

6. Thomas
A twin

7. Henry
Ruler of the home

8. James

9. Lincoln
Town by the pool

10. Levi
Joined, attached

11. Liam
Strong-willed warrior

12. Owen
Desire Born

13. Samuel
His name is god

14. Bennett

15. Cole
Swarthy, coal black

16. Ethan
Firm, Strong

17. Nolan
Descendant of the famous one

18. Parker
Park Keeper

19. Sawyer

20. William
Strong-willed Warrior


1. Charlotte

2. Emily
To Strive or Excel or Rival

3. Emma

4. Leah

5. Sadie

6. Ellie
Diminutive form of names beginning with El

7. Addison
Child of Adam

8. Nora

9. Olivia
Elf Army

10. Piper
Pipe or flute player

11. Alice
Of a noble kin

12. Anna
Arthur’s sister

13. Audrey
Noble strength

14. Ava
Like a Bird

15. Avery
Elf Ruler

16. Brielle
God is my Strength

17. Claire

18. Ella
Young Girl

19. Jazlyn
Modern invented name

20. Julia

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