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Look! Even celebrity home births are total chaos

Being a celebrity means your life is never messy, right?

In the important home birth vs hospital birth decision, there’s always been the (admittedly minor) point that at the hospital, someone else cleans up the aftermath. Because no matter how wonderful and zen-like your home birth was, when it’s all said and done, your house will probably look like a tornado ripped through it (although if it doesn’t, just wait until your baby becomes a toddler).

Amy Schumer as a mom hugging her son SNL's spot-on childbirth skit will make you pee your pants with laughterDon’t believe us? Check out this picture that Dawson’s Creek actor James Van Der Beek posted on Instagram, showing the state of their home after his wife Kimberly gave birth to their daughter, Gwendolyn. It shows that even the houses of celebrities—who we assume have a posse around them at all times waiting on them hand and foot (that’s how wealth and fame works, right?)—turn into a beautiful mess when it comes time to welcome a new baby.

Word of warning, the picture IS a bit graphic, so if you’re squeamish, scroll fast.

It may be chaos, but it’s still pretty magical isn’t it? We love the little checklist of home birth essentials he put in the caption—especially the older sibling in Spider-Man pajamas. We also love seeing dad getting in some important skin-to-skin time while mom goes to take a post-birth shower.

As for the placenta in the mixing bowl, we can’t help but wonder if that bowl is going back into the kitchen cupboard after this. We can’t really imagine mixing up a salad or some cookie dough in the same bowl that had been used to hold an internal organ. If they plan on keeping the placenta around for a bit, they could instead consider putting it in a cute bag like this mom did.

Either way, congrats for James and Kimberly on the new baby. Your house may look a bit messy, but it’s the best kind of mess isn’t it?

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