This mom had a lotus birth and you've gotta see her cute placenta bag

Who knew a bag carrying a placenta could be quite so stylish.

This mom had a lotus birth and you've gotta see her cute placenta bag

Photo: Nick Vanessa Fisher via Facebook

Yes, that's a placenta bag attached to Nick and Vanessa Fisher's new baby, Ashton. It's pretty cute, right?

You may remember a video of Vanessa went viral a few weeks ago when baby Ashton, still in the womb, was in the breech position, and was turned from the outside. The video was pretty amazing, but this is really wild.

Ashton is the couple's second baby, but because they were displeased with their hospital experience the first time around, they opted for a lotus birth at home for baby #2.

What is a lotus birth? It's when the baby's umbilical cord isn't cut and the baby stays attached to their placenta until it naturally falls off days later (it usually takes about a week). Hence, the need for a bag.

"I believe that in the time that the cord is naturally detaching and the placenta is completing its job providing nutrients and blood to baby, [the] baby has time to establish a new bond and dependency on the father," Vanessa told CafeMom.

Vanessa's cousin made the homemade drawstring bag as a gift just for Ashton—and it totally matches all his little outfits.

This mom had a lotus birth and you've gotta see her cute placenta bag Photo: Vanessa Fisher

Now are you wondering about the placenta's smell...because they do smell after a few days. It was washed with the same water from a herbal bath Vanessa took right after giving birth. The herbs included lavender, witch-hazel, rosemary and sea-salt, which cured the placenta and stopped the odour.


Despite what people online are saying about Vanessa's decision, she doesn't care what other people think. Medically speaking, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has warned women not to have lotus births, noting that the placenta is prone to infections because it contains blood and that infection can spread to the baby. If you are to have a lotus birth, they recommend infants be closely watched for any sign of infection. Currently in Canada there are no guidelines on lotus births.

If you are wondering what the couple plans to do with the placenta once it detaches, they are going to bury it.

This article was originally published on Jan 26, 2018

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