8 ways Kate Middleton’s birth experience is totally bizarre

From her labour announcement to her birthing suite to her post-baby blowout, these are all the ways the Duchess of Cambridge's birth experience isn't quite typical.

8 ways Kate Middleton’s birth experience is totally bizarre

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

1. Her labour is announced on social media I think we can all agree that labour is not the most dignified experience. Unfortunately for Kate, as soon as contractions start, it’s announced to the whole world. Kensington Palace actually sends out a series of tweets revealing that the Duchess of Cambridge is in the early stages of labour and has been admitted to the hospital. The below tweet was sent out when she went into labour with Princess Charlotte.

A tweet announcing Kate Middleton is in labour with the royal baby

Yes, her labour is announced on social media. This is when every women starts remembering all the lovely stages of labour (screaming, pushing, pooping, tearing, etc) and you can’t help but wonder which part Kate is at.

2. People try to get photos of her in the hospital Prince George’s birth was a major event—he is the future king. And photographers and reporters camped outside of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital for almost a month waiting for Kate to go into labour. Of course, the money shot (besides the first photo of the royal baby), would have been a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge sneaking into the hospital while in the early stages of labour—and this almost happened. Thankfully, a photographer who spotted the couple slipping into the hospital through a side door chose not to take a photo because he felt it was too intrusive. There is some humanity still in the world!

For Princess Charlotte’s birth and royal baby #3’s arrival, photographers aren’t allowed to set up outside the Lindo Wing until it’s been announced the Duchess is in labour. Security is still quite tight to prevent anyone from getting into her room. Her suite is already blocked off and there are daily checks of the floor, the room and the crawlspace above it. 

3. She has a 23-person delivery team When you gave birth, you probably had an OB or a midwife who you hoped would be on call when you went into labour, but there were no guarantees. The Duchess of Cambridge has a fixed team of 23 people. Yes, 23! Her team consists of two obstetricians, three midwives, three anaesthetists, four theatre staff, two special care baby unit staff, four paediatricians, one lab technician and three to four hospital managers. This massive team is on call for the three months before the royal baby’s birth and cannot drink ANY alcohol so they are in tip top shape in case that's the day their VIP client arrives. Obviously, most of these staff are just there in case of emergency. For both George and Charlotte’s birth, Kate leaned on her midwives and her OBs, Alan Farthing (who is the Queen’s personal surgeon-gynaecologist) and Guy Thorpe-Beeston, a surgeon-gynaecologist to the royal household.


4. She gets the royal treatment Being a princess and all, Kate is definitely used to a life of luxury and that extends to her birthing experience. The Lindo Wing where she gives birth is not your average maternity ward. It features art installations, private chefs and waiters. Oh, and there is Champagne so you can toast your new baby! A room starts at $7,325 a night, but the Duchess is likely staying in one of the more expensive suites. And of course, since the steps of the Lindo Wing will be featured in photos seen around the world when William, Kate and Baby Cambridge emerge from the hospital, they are getting a new paint job, too.

5. Her first visitors aren’t family After her midwives and nurses clear out, Kate’s first visitors aren’t her parents or an excited Uncle Harry—it’s her hairstylist Amanda Cook-Tucker and her personal assistant/stylist Natasha Archer. Now, these unusual first visitors don’t arrive until a few hours after Baby Cambridge’s arrival so that the parents have time to enjoy their new bundle of joy. But very quickly Kate has to switch gears from excited new mom to princess, and start preparing herself to go out into public—she made her debut just 10 hours after giving birth to Princess Charlotte. Amanda arrives with the rollers to give Kate her signature blowout (no greasy ponytail here), and Natasha brings Kate a specially made Jenny Packham dress—oh and the car seat for the baby. I’m sure in between helping Kate get ready, they coo over the cute royal baby.

6. The heels, the dress, the blowout What did you leave the hospital in? Sweatpants, maybe a loose fitting cotton dress if you were feeling a bit fancy? Those aren’t an option for Kate. She is the future Queen and she has a duty to well…perform. These photos of her with her little prince or princess are a part of history and she has to look her best. That means getting a blowout, putting on a beautiful dress and yes wearing almost four inch heels. Everyone always comments how amazing Kate looks after just giving birth and she truly does look stunning, but I am sure inside she probably feels exhausted and just wishes she was in something cozy. In fact, a few days after Charlotte’s birth, when the new family of four left Kensington Palace, Kate was dressed like most new moms—hair in a messy ponytail, wearing a sweater and wrapped in a scarf.

7. Post-birth issues As magical as Kate seems, wearing high heels just 10 hours after birth, she isn’t immune to the realities of giving birth. I’m talking tearing, bruising and bleeding. Was I the only one who saw her in that gorgeous white and yellow dress she wore for Princess Charlotte’s debut and thought “You are brave wearing white right after giving birth.” In fact, she chose a pastel blue for George’s debut. So many light colours—do you think she’s nervous about a leak? She’s definitely wearing a maxi pad under her dress and I’m sure she wishes that instead of smiling for the cameras, she was actually at home sitting on a padsicle.


8. She has to smile After giving birth, you feel a range of emotions, including feeling a bit weepy. In fact, while talking to the world’s media after Prince George’s birth, Kate admitted the whole experience was “very emotional.” But she has to keep smiling for the press—she can’t tear up even accidentally. Don’t get me wrong, Kate is clearly over the moon excited about her baby, but she’s also been quite candid about how being a new mom was overwhelming for her. Then you add on all the flashing pictures, hundreds (maybe thousands) of people there to greet you and Kate just has to smile, wave and look like Mother Earth. It’s got to be quite daunting—and totally bizarre.

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