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10 strange pregnancy symptoms nobody tells you about

Everyone talks about morning sickness, moodiness and cravings, but your mom friends didn't mention these possibly-TMI, totally strange pregnancy symptoms.

By Today's Parent
10 strange pregnancy symptoms nobody tells you about

Illustration: Sam Island

1. “Nobody told me my feet would grow half a size—and stay that way, permanently.” —Rayna H.

2. “Your belly button becomes an outie, not an innie. And that your ribs expand and change shape!" —Jenifer N.

3. “I was lucky enough to avoid puking in my first trimester but had no idea how bloated I’d feel. I was taking bump selfies when I was just six weeks along because the gas made my belly pop. I had to retire my jeans and switch to sweats, leggings and maternity pants earlier than I expected.” —Luxmi B.

4. “Nobody told me pregnancy can change your hair colour. Not only was my wispy auburn hair luscious for the first time ever, it also turned quite blond. And the carpet matched the drapes, as well.” —Rayna H.

5. “That pregnancy affects the pigment in your skin. I wasn’t expecting new freckles to appear or existing marks to change colour.” —Youngna P.

6. “Not being able to breathe in that last trimester because the damn babe is taking up all your lung expansion space.” —Sarah M

7. “I didn’t know I would find myself googling ‘hemorrhoids versus rectal prolapse.’ Twice.” —Patricia K.

8. “Queefing! (I loathe that word, but ‘vaginal flatulence’ is equally heinous. Varting? Vatooting?) I’d get up from my desk, and air would just tumble out of me. My colleagues were very gracious in pretending not to notice I’d expelled a balloon’s worth of air.” —Rayna H.


9. “Your mouth tasting like metal! In both cases, that was my body’s first sign of pregnancy.” —Youngna P.

10. “Chronic pregnancy cough. Rare, but a result of the hormone relaxin.” —Sabrina S.

This article was originally published on May 27, 2019

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