12 best pregnancy announcement videos

Guess what? I'm pregnant! We've rounded up the sweetest, most hilarious and downright charming pregnancy announcement videos.

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Grab some popcorn (and some tissues)—you might be here for a while! From screaming kids to disbelieving husbands, we've rounded up the pregnancy announcement videos you need to see.

1. May as well start with the tears. He's crying. She's crying. We're all crying.


2. Sometimes the excitement of having a kid is a bit delayed. This dad is so shocked he can barely speak, but we're sure he's super-excited! And don't miss what he says at the end.

3. Now this is a delicious way to announce you're expecting! Watch as this mom gives her two daughters each a cookie cake that reads, “I’m a big sister again” and “I’m a big sister.” Make sure to keep an eye on the younger sister—holy excitement.


4. This family wasn't sure if the mom-to-be was just playing a game of charades or if she was actually pregnant. Make sure to watch for the adorable reaction at 2:15.

5. A big trend in pregnancy announcements is letting your kid tell your husband the big news—like this video where the daughter has a shirt on that says "I'm the big sister." Skip ahead to 1:15 to see dad's reaction once he really sees the shirt.


6. Or you can skip the shirt and just have the big-sister-to-be give dad the positive pregnancy test. This dad is so happy when he finds out baby number two is on the way. Watch for the sweet kisses at 0:42.

7. What happens when someone sees a bun in their oven? You'd think they'd understand, but sometimes it takes a little push (haha!). Make sure to watch to 2:15 when Justin Bieber makes a little appearance.

8. What's better than one baby announcement? Two! This family is in for some huge changes—and a lot of squealing.


9. This husband thought he and his wife were just being goofy in a photo booth—something they did on their first date. Little did he know she had a big surprise for him.

10."Do you prefer 'Gramps' or 'Pops?'" This video of a couple telling their father/father-in-law he is going to be a grandpa might make you cry a little.


11. This dad thinks he's getting an Apple Watch for his birthday... but a baby is a way better gift! You'll want to cry along with him.

12. Bun in the oven! This dad is surprised to find ultrasound pictures and some buns in the oven while making a meal with his wife.

This article was originally published on Sep 11, 2015

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