The new Frozen 2 trailer is out—and we know so much more!

Purple flames, a strange voice, a hidden village and Elsa with her hair DOWN! This new Frozen 2 trailer has all this and SO. MUCH. MORE.

The new Frozen 2 trailer is out—and we know so much more!

Photo: Walt Disney Media

We said it before and we'll say it again: OH. MY. OLAF.

The new Frozen 2 trailer just released and wow, there's so much to unpack. First, we see a young Elsa and Anna being told a story from their father about an enchanted forest filled with magic where something went wrong (cue the purple flames ravaging the woods). Now, no one can get in or out. That is, until Elsa shows up there following the call of a mysterious voice. As it turns out, there are people still living in those woods behind a wall of stormy, purple clouds, and they are SHOCKED to see newcomers.

Eventually, we see Elsa running down pillars of ice with her hair flowing behind her—not in a braid, but all the way down. She's letting it go even more than before! Eventually we even see her riding that scary underwater ice horse from the last trailer. She's so badass.

Take a look at the full trailer here:


As usual, this trailer raised so many questions: As far as we can see, Elsa and Anna's sisterly bond is still intact, but will magic force them apart? Why does Elsa have magic but Anna doesn't? What is threatening Arendelle? Or who? Is it that group of gigantic stone golems? Is it the Duke of Weselton back to snuff out magic once and for all? Or someone new? We do see that ice horse again in the cute Olaf scene at the end of the trailer, but this time it has purple eyes—does that mean he's evil? Or is someone controlling him. Could it even be Elsa? Dun dun DUNNNNNNN. (just kidding, it's probably not Elsa.)

Guess we'll have to wait until November 22nd to find out what's really going on. Luckily, it's not that far away!

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