If you have a slime-obsessed kid, you HAVE to see this funny parody

Between gooey messes, smelly bowls and missing Tupperware, this funny song spoof totally understands parents' slime struggle.

As we all know, kids absolutely love slime and make their own pretty easily at home. But for parents, slime—especially the DIY kind—is just another sticky gooey glittery mess to clean up.

One of the volunteers stretches out the purple slime between her hands These kids broke the world record for the LARGEST. SLIME. EVER.Having a kid in the house who is really into slime can be a struggle, and the family behind this popular YouTube channel definitely gets it. The Holderness Family is known for their funny parodies of popular music about all kinds of parenting woes, and the video they uploaded earlier this week brilliantly takes things back to the ’80s with a funny twist on Cyndi Lauper’s classic “Time After Time” aptly titled—you guessed it—Slime After Slime.

The video is jam-packed with clever lyrics (“and our home is now like a meth lab for kids” HA!) and hilarious shots of the parents’ despair in dealing with slime and their daughter’s joy in playing with it. It’s great.

They totally get all the annoying things that parents of slime-obsessed kids have to deal with such as realizing your mixing bowls smell like glue, running out of contact lens solution and finding containers of slime tucked away all over the house. Not to mention all the places slime sticks to, like the couch, the rug and your hair. Big props to this mom for actually putting it in her hair for the video—getting that stuff out can leave a mark (and by mark we mean bald spot, trust us). Check out the video below:

Now, we get that this video is super cheesy and overacted, but that’s what makes it so fun. It’s great to see a family coming together to create these cute videos, and you can tell the kids are having a blast. The trouble is, the songs are so darn catchy and relatable that now we won’t be able to get this song out of our heads for a while—it’s stuck like slime on a wool carpet.

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