3 tips to avoid a Halloween meltdown

Overexcitement, costume freak-outs and sugar overload can lead to a Halloween meltdown. Here’s how to avoid the drama.

Try these simple tips to avoid a Halloween meltdown that could ruin the holiday.

1. Do a dress rehearsal

Have her try on her costume a few days before to make sure everything fits and she’s happy with it. Show her how the costume might change if the weather is colder or wetter than expected.

2. Make a delicious dinner she’ll love

Serve her favourite dinner to ensure she eats well; that way, she’ll be less inclined to binge on candy all night long. You might be tempted to serve a huge plate of steamed vegetables to balance out the sweets, but be realistic—she’s not as likely to eat it, especially considering how excited and distracted she’ll be.

3. Try a practice run

Trick-or-treat at your own house first so she can get the hang of it. Teach her to knock on the door or ring the doorbell, and what to say (“Trick or treat!” “Happy Halloween” and “Thank you”), as well as what not to say (“Gross! I don’t like that kind!”).

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