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5 genius Halloween hacks

From making sure cars can see your trick-or-treaters to carving pumpkins like a pro, take some of the fright out of Halloween with these helpful hacks.

By Today's Parent
5 genius Halloween hacks

Photo: @MandyMilks via Instagram

Halloween hacks

Clean up glitter with ease

1. Knead playdough into a ball and pat the mess with it. The glitter will stick to it, and you’ll have glittery playdough!

2. A lint roller works well to remove spilled glitter from fabric or furniture. No lint roller? Just wrap some tape—sticky side out—around your fingers and blot the mess repeatedly.

3. To remove glitter stuck to skin, try coconut oil or oil-based makeup remover on a cotton ball.

5 genius Halloween hacksIllustration: Sarah Rafter

Carve a pumpkin like a pro

Every year, it’s the same thing: You draw your awesomely spooky design onto your pumpkin with a permanent black marker, but once you’re done sawing away, you can still see a bit of ink leftover because you didn’t quite follow the lines. This year, rather than fiddling with tricky final cuts to achieve perfection, use a washable or dry-erase marker and easily wipe those lines away. Read more: 11 smashing no-carve pumpkins

5 genius Halloween hacksPhoto: @MandyMilks via Instagram


Make sure drivers can see you

1. Place reflective tape on the front and back of his costume.

2. Wrap Glow Sticks around his wrists.

3. Buy a trick-or-treat bag that glows in the dark or lights up.

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5 genius Halloween hacksIllustration: Grace Cho

Easily remove face paint

At the end of the night, when you need to remove the face paint, there’s an easy way to do it without any fuss or pain. Use scotch tape to get rid of all that glitter, then use a baby oil facial wipe to remove the paint. Fold the wipe into a small square (to prevent tearing) and gently wipe across the face. Voila, you have your original little munchkin back.

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5 genius Halloween hacksPhoto: Erik Putz

How to dig out pumpkin seeds

Cleaning out a pumpkin can be a fun—but very goopy—family activity. Those who don’t feel like getting slime on their hands can try an ice cream scoop to take out pulp and seeds. The utensil’s rounded end means everything stays in the scoop instead of flying across the table (or into your hair). And no sharp edges means the kids can still help out!

5 genius Halloween hacksPhotos: iStockphoto

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This article was originally published on Sep 15, 2016

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