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20 clever loot bag ideas under $5

Loot bags don't have to break the bank. We've rounded up our favourite creative and cost-conscious ideas that will leave parents and kids happy.

20 clever loot bag ideas under $5

Photo: Stocksy

Loot bags under $5

A reason to celebrate

Kids’ birthday parties are a lot of fun, but there are a lot of them. Genuinely thank the guests at your child’s next party with one of these creative loot bags. Bonus: They will not break the bank. (Because isn’t that what the clown is for?)

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20 clever loot bag ideas under $5Photo: Naomi V Photography

Unleash the artist

A new set of paint with 24 colours will give little budding artists something to do during the quiet time that’s absolutely essential after a chaotic birthday party. (The parents will thank you.)

Crayola 24 Washable Watercolours, $5,

Crayola washable watercoloursPhoto:


Back-to-school cool

Give kids a head start on school supplies with smelly erasers (because are there any other kind?).

Scented Cupcake Erasers 4 Pack, $3,

Scented Cupcake erasersPhoto: Mastermind

Let’s bake

A cute new cupcake spatula will inspire a whole afternoon of mixing and baking (and licking the spoon).

Fox Run Cupcake Spatula, $5,

Mini Cupcake SpatulaPhoto:

Rub a dub dub

Help kids get messy while also getting clean with this fun fingerpaint soap!

Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint Soap, $4,

Crayola Bathtub Fingerpaint soapPhoto:


Beach bums

You can never have too many beach toys, so a bright-as-anything watering can or toy boat are sure to make waves.

Agglo Watering Can or Beach Boat, $5,

Watering cans and toy boatsPhoto: Canadian Tire


Make the nightly ‘what book do you want before bed?!’ struggle easier on them with a brand new one to add to their collection.

I Just Forgot, $5,

Cover of a Little critter book called I Just ForgotPhoto: BNC CataList

No-Spill Mini Bubble Tumblers

The best take-away from a summer party, is the best part of summer itself: BUBBLES! And this loot bag choice ups the ante even further with a no spill container.

No-Spill Mini Bubble Tumblers, $5,

No-Spill Mini Bubble TumblersPhoto: Mastermind


Let them eat cupcakes

The sweetest of takeaways is literally, sweet. A yummy cupcake wrapped up and placed on this cute stand means they can have their cake and eat it, too.

Vivian Retro Metal Cart Wheel Cupcake Display Holder, $4,

cupcake in a mini carriage standPhoto:

Look at all the colours!

A definite hit for kids and parents alike, this DIY kaleidoscope will mean a fun (and peaceful) drive home.

DIY Paper Kaleidoscope, $5,

Do-it-yourself Kaleidoscope kitPhoto:

Cookie cutters

Find a cookie cutter that goes with you party theme or any fun shapes kids will love!

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter, $4.50,

Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cuttersPhoto: Party City Canada


Creative play

Be the talk of the town—in an amazing way—by gifting the parents, er, we mean the kids with a quiet afternoon of dreaming up sidewalk art.

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, $3,

Box of 12ct washable sidewalk chalkPhoto: Toys R Us

Stacking up

Another great choice for First Birthday parties, this set of stacking cups (with 7 pieces!) will delight the kids (and help them reach those stacking milestones even quicker).

MULA stack & nest cups, $3,

Stack of nesting cupsPhoto: IKEA

Flashing light

Squeals of delight will be emitted from any birthday guest who’s planning a camping trip this summer (or is afraid of the dark).

Metal LED Flashlight, $5,

Assorted LED flashlightsPhoto: Canadian Tire


All that glitters

Because kids LOVE glitter, this glue and glitter combo has everything they need for their next sparkly masterpiece.

Crayola Super Sparkle Glitter Glue, $4,

Pack of Crayola glitter glue.Photo: Walmart

Tools of the trade

This sweet whisk set will have your guests wanting to get right into the kitchen with their new baking tool! PÅBJUDA stainless steel whisk, set of 2, $4,

Wire whisks in two sizesPhoto: Ikea


Make the parents just as happy with this old-school gift of Silly Putty. Cue: “Hey kids, make sure to keep that stuff out of your hair!”

Original Silly Putty, $3,

Package of Original Silly PuttyPhoto: Indigo


PEZ please

Because they certainly didn’t consume enough candy at the party, this fun collectable PEZ dispenser is a loot-bag must. Providing said candy for the dispenser is at your discretion.

Assorted PEZ dispensers, $4 each,

Pez Dispensors: Minion, Princess Aurora, Rainbow Dash, BatmanPhoto: CandyFunHouse

Go Green

Show kids how to harness the power of the sun to make this cute little grasshopper go!

Solar Powered Grasshopper, $3,

Toy grasshopper with solar panel on it's backPhoto:

Snacks to go

Fill this up with Cheerios and Goldfish crackers as the perfect take-away for tiny guests at a First Birthday Party with much less sugar than a real cupcake.

Cupcake to Go, $5,

Cupcake shaped snack containerPhoto:


Stick-on facial hair

This pack of funky moustaches will delight any little guest because who doesn’t love a stick on moustache?

Moustache Stickers, $2,

Pack of Moustache stickersPhoto: Mastermind

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This article was originally published on Jul 28, 2016

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