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4 simple washi tape birthday decor ideas

If you think duct tape is versatile, you haven't met washi tape! Grab a few colourful rolls at the craft store at the to create these clever custom party decorations.

4 simple washi tape birthday decor ideas

4 ways with washi tape

Photo booth wall

Create a washi-tape frame on the wall big enough to accommodate a couple of kids. Offer up some fun props and snap away! After the party, email the photos to your guests as keepsakes. Don’t stress about your wall paint getting ruined—washi tape peels off easily.

Little ones take pictures in front of a washi tape backgroundPhoto: Erik Putz

Custom tableware

Disposable tableware is convenient, but a little plain. If you want to spruce it up, try washi tape. Wrap the ends of cutlery, tape around cups, add flags to straws, or cut out a cute bunting motif to jazz up plain brown paper loot bags.

paper plates with washi tapePhoto: Erik Putz


Decorative banner

A custom-made banner is a sweet party decoration. But ordering one from Etsy or a local maker can get a little pricey. Instead, use your computer and printer to make your own. It’ll require a bit of effort but minimal talent, and it’s reusable—after the party, simply take the letters off the string and store them flat in an envelope. Get the instructions here.

birthday bannerPhoto: Erik Putz

Cake flags

Easily elevate a boring cake with these cute flags, which also look adorable on a tray of cupcakes. Just fold a piece of washi over one end of a wooden skewer and then cut a notch to create a flag shape. Use toothpicks if that’s all you have on hand. (Just not the minty kind!)

colourful cake toppersPhoto: Erik Putz
This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2022

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