You'll love the brilliant words these kids made up

Battle unicorn? Foot-chin?

By Kevin John Siazon

You'll love the brilliant words these kids made up

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Kids spend a big chunk of their early years learning about the world, which means that when they don't know what something is called, they have to make do with whatever vocabulary they've got—and the result can be pretty hilarious.

In a Twitter thread, parents shared some of the adorable names kids in their lives have given to various animals and objects they've encountered for the first time (or were just too little to properly pronounce the correct term). It began with author, Tessa Dare's tweet about her friend's 5-year-old, who spotted a crow and didn't know what to call it.

Brilliant, right?

Since posting, her tweet has been liked almost 20,000 times, retweeted 4,000 times and has over 600 replies. Among those replies are some of the most borderline-genius names for things that would make even Tom Haverford jealous (Speaking of, we could totally go for some chickie chickie parm parm right now).

There were so many adorable names, it was so hard to choose just a few. Here are some of our absolute favourites:

Brilliant names for things made up by little kids

Robot stairs

Face grass

Foot chin

Chicken on the cob

Sword ponies

Fireworks trees

Choo-choo birds

Up shoes

Boo boo trucks and Bed skins

Battle unicorn

Long-sleeved pants

Pizza salt

Singing in her pants

Uppy rooms

Tic-tac-toe beef

Flamingo witches

Pizza bones

Sky ball

Nursie bags

Big dark

Quesadilla skins

Cheese pads

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You'll love the brilliant words these kids made up

We think these are hilarious, and we're sure there are even more funny names for things out there. What made-up words have become part of your household vocabulary?

This article was originally published on Jun 06, 2018