Watch this baby walk immediately after being born

Just try to keep up with her tiny steps!

A baby in Brazil is claiming her 15 minutes of fame on her first day in the world. Making babies around the globe look bad by comparison, the unnamed little bundle of joy has set the bar high after taking her first steps shortly after being born.

Seriously—this baby has no chill! A video capturing the newborn walking has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook by hospital staff. In it, a nurse is seen supporting the baby with one arm as she takes her very first, tiny steps. The staff couldn't help but film the incident—or what is being called a miracle by many online—and can be heard marvelling at the infant's bold endeavour.

But before your start thinking this baby is the next Stewie from Family Guy, you should know that this miracle is actually a reflex. Known as a stepping reflex, it allows an infant to take steps by putting one foot in front of the other on a flat surface (with a little help, of course).

Still, this doesn't take away from how truly special this moment captured on video is.

We're sure her parents are proud.


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