Ha! This sassy two-year-old is all of us on an airplane

Stop what you're doing and watch this two-year-old hilariously articulate exactly how we all feel when we're on planes.

Two-year-old Mila Stauffer is one sassy girl.

Her mom, Katie, recorded this rant about a recent airplane trip when Mila was seated beside a "Chatty Cathy."

Mila eye rolls HARD as she talks about the woman she was sitting beside on the plane and spews out hilarious lines about her exchange with her: “Who’s your favourite princess? THE ONE I’M TRYING TO WATCH ON THE iPAD!”

When the lady asks what she wants to be when she grows up, Mila responds "I don't know...I'm two!" The sass is strong with this one.

She throws in a duh and even a "miracle" solution to the problem: pooping her diaper. "Honestly, no one talked to me after that," says Mila.

While this video is hilarious, Mila's mom admits that it's not all true, saying that they often ask Mila to tell a story just to see what funny rhetoric she will come up with.


Made up or not, this girl is all of us on planes.

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