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There's a Tinder for baby names and it's a game-changer

Just swipe right.

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What if agreeing on a baby name was as easy as picking someone to hook up with on Tinder? Well, actually, it can be—just swipe right on your phone. There’s now a baby name app that functions exactly like the dating app.

Babyname is designed for parents-to-be who want to avoid lengthy conversations about baby names, or any sort of drama over disagreeing on your favourites.

Narrowing down your options is easy: Both parties sync up their profiles in the app and swipe right for “yes” or left for “no” as names pop up on the screen. The meaning and origin of each name is included automatically, so there’s no extra research involved. If your partner also swiped right on that name, a little hatched egg with a heart inside pops up on your screen telling you it’s a match. All the matches then go to a shared list of names you both love.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to pick a name. You can go old-school and look at themes, like names that mean loveor pick one according to the year’s hottest trends.

Whichever way you go about it, the most important thing is to pick a name you won’t mind saying (and spelling) over and over as your kid grows.

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