WATCH: Slime + hair = every parent’s worst nightmare

Watch one of the hottest trends of 2017 go very, very wrong for this little kid.

Kids and sticky things are not a great match. Just ask my mom, who had to pay $150 for someone to remove Silly Putty from our family-room carpet when I was six years old. And then there’s tree sap on clothes, and chewing gum in hair… The list can go on and on.

But there’s a new sticky substance in town—and it, like chewing gum, can apparently cause a hair disaster.  edible playdoughDIY: How to make edible playdough

DIY slime was a huge YouTube and Instagram trend in 2017. But whether your kids have made some slime at home over the holiday break, or received some as a holiday present, the last thing they should do is put it anywhere near their hair. Proof? A video which has gone viral since it was posted on Facebook right before Christmas.

Brittany Wright posted this video of her son (click to watch, or view it below) massaging green slime into his hair. Lane, who looks to be about five or six years old, starts off smiling and laughing about the situation. But as his mom warns him that she’ll have to cut off his hair—and as he starts to realize just how stuck the slime is—he gets increasingly upset. It doesn’t help that the slime is pulling his short hair.

We have a few questions about this video. For one, why not try to wash it out before cutting it? The slime may be water soluble, or some coconut oil might do the trick. Also, why does the mom let her son rub the slime in?! The situation seems to get worse and worse with every passing second. Regardless, this video is a good reminder that small children should probably not be left alone with sticky stuff. But my mom could have told you that.

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