These kids broke the world record for the LARGEST. SLIME. EVER.

Last weekend, slime fan Maddie Rae led a group of kids in making a pool of purple shimmery slime that weighed over six tonnes.

By Kevin John Siazon

These kids broke the world record for the LARGEST. SLIME. EVER.

Photo: Guinness World Records Kids

Slime has been all over the internet for a while now, and last weekend, it was all over a group of kids stomping around in a giant pool of the gooey stuff—good luck washing that out.

The recent Play Fair Convention and Expo in New York City was host to this messy event where slime enthusiast Maddie Rae was leading the charge to break the Guinness World Record for largest slime. And guess what? They did it!

Maddie started the day by teaching the kids how to make the slime using a clear glue of her own making—the kid entrepreneur loves slime so much she decided to create her own brand of kid-safe, non-toxic glue made specifically for concocting slime.

Once the base mixture was made, the most fun part came next with the kids pouring in glitter and purple pigment and stomping around until the mixture was at the perfect ooey gooey consistency.

Maddie Rae stand in the middle of the pool of slime while kids stomp around her Photo: Guinness World Record Kids

After almost two hours of mixing and stomping, the kids scraped as much or the purple slime as they could off of their arms and legs to add back to the mixture before the final weigh-in.

All those small bits of slime definitely made a difference because the resulting pool weighed in at a record-breaking 6,268.64 kg or 13,820 lbs. To put that in perspective, that slime weighed about five hundred pounds more than an average male African elephant. That's a lot of slime!

Each participant got to take home a bit of the record-breaking slime as a souvenir and the rest of the mess will be sold online with 100 percent of proceeds going towards Hand in Hand, a charity for hurricane relief.

Watch the recording of Guinness World Record Kids's live stream below:

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