3 easy ways to remove gum from clothing

Fear not! Removing gum from clothing is actually pretty painless. We have three ways to conquer it.


Acid method: Microwave a bowl of vinegar for 1 minute. Dip fabric in bowl of vinegar and scrub off gum with an old toothbrush.

TP09_ADV_QuickFixes_Illustration1_660x660Hot trick: Heat gum with a hair dryer and scrape with a plastic knife. Place a dollop of analgesic rub on residue and rub a zip-top bag over it (the methyl salicylate in the topical pain reliever sticks to plastic).

TP09_ADV_QuickFixes_Illustration3_660x660Cold approach: Lay ice cubes on the gum for 30 minutes. Move fabric to a flat surface and scrape off frozen gum with a knife.

A version of this article appeared in our September 2016 issue with the headline “How to remove gum from clothing,” p. 34. Illustrations by Sarah Rafter.

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