Watch David Beckham tear up when his son surprises him for his birthday

This video of the love between father and son will totally melt your heart.

Arguably, the worst part of watching your kids grow up is knowing that they’ll eventually leave the nest to strike out on their own. This is especially tough when it’s your first-born. You want them to be independent, but you also find yourself wishing they’d come back.

David Beckham recently got a huge surprise for his 43rd birthday when his oldest son, Brooklyn, showed up at dinner after being away for the last eight months at Parsons Fashion, Art and Design school in New York City. Victoria Beckham posted a video of the surprise on Instagram, which shows David’s reaction to seeing his son. Take a look (and get ready for your heart to melt):

Hearing David’s voice start to crack as he asks, “What are you doing here?” while Brooklyn hugs him tightly should be enough to get the waterworks flowing, and their extended embrace will have you weeping for the rest of the day. Seriously, the love between this dad and his son is so sweet.

Jennifer Garner smiling wearing sunglasses Jennifer Garner got the most hilarious birthday gift from her daughterTo cap it all off, Brooklyn’s little sister, Harper, chimes in with her own excitement saying, “I didn’t know Brooklyn was coming!”‘ in the cutest little voice. (Added bonus: watch Harper read out the cutest birthday card she handwrote for her dad in this other video on Victoria’s Instagram)

We don’t know how long Brooklyn will be staying in London to celebrate, but we hope they enjoy their time together before he has to leave again—we’re sure his dad will cherish this birthday surprise for many years to come. We know we would!

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