Kelly Clarkson proves she is all of us with her reaction to a birthday surprise

Sweaty, old t-shirt? Check. Messy bun? Check. Getting surprised by your bestie? Priceless.

Woman looking shocked

Kelly Clarkson turned 35 yesterday and her friends knew the perfect way to celebrate. The singer was surprised on Friday by a birthday scavenger hunt and a Scrabble letter anagram that revealed a special gift: A girls’ trip to a unknown location. So another surprise to come! Seriously? Girl, some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this and we’re super jealous that it’s happening to you.

But the best part about the adorable reaction video that was shared on the singer’s Instagram was just how relatable Kelly really is. Clad in a stained, sweaty, old t-shirt and a rocking a messy bun, Kelly is all of us. What new mom wouldn’t want a nice escape?

Not to mention her reaction was everything; just pure shock and joy.

“I’m totally gonna cry!”

While we’re sure Miss Independent could definitely afford an awesome solo trip to anywhere in the world, you can’t buy friendship and that’s the sweetest gift of all. We know you’re an incredible mom, Kelly but now we’d like to be one of your mom BFFs. Room for a few more on that trip?

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