There goes David Beckham normalizing father-son PDAs again. Love!

David Beckham posts another photo of himself and one of his boys sharing a sweet moment—as one of our readers put it, another step toward "normalizing father-son PDAs."

I can’t take credit for this observation…. Dad-of-two Matt Earle pointed it out in a Facebook comment on my last post about David Beckham sharing a sweet photo of himself and Brooklyn Beckham for with his millions of Insta and Facebook fans—and not for the first time.


Photo: David Beckham via Instagram

Photo: David Beckham via Instagram

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Aaaaaaand, refresher:


Photo: David Beckham via Facebook

Matt’s observation was that David Beckham is helping “normalize father-son PDA” by posting all these photos of himself loving his unembarrassed sons. Bang-on, right? David’s now got a good collection of these pics—the most recent a birthday tribute to his son, Romeo (above).

“My little man turns 13 today,” David captions the pic. “Into his teens and still an Arsenal fan lol…Happy birthday beautiful boy ❤️⚽️❤️”

Happy birthday, “beautiful” Romeo! And thanks for sharing these inspiring pics, David Beckham!

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Oh! And hey, did you catch David’s tattoo of his daughter’s name around his collar bone? “Pretty lady ❤️ Harper.” OMG, dying of the sweetness.

Love, love, love…
xo Haley-O
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