There goes David Beckham normalizing father-son PDAs again. Love!

David Beckham posts another photo of himself and one of his boys sharing a sweet moment—as one of our readers put it, another step toward "normalizing father-son PDAs."

By Haley Overland

There goes David Beckham normalizing father-son PDAs again. Love!

I can't take credit for this observation.... Dad-of-two Matt Earle pointed it out in a Facebook comment on my last post about David Beckham sharing a sweet photo of himself and Brooklyn Beckham for with his millions of Insta and Facebook fans—and not for the first time.


Photo: David Beckham via Instagram Photo: David Beckham via Instagram

Aaaaaaand, refresher:

brooklyn-beckham-dad-love-mar515 Photo: David Beckham via Facebook

Matt's observation was that David Beckham is helping "normalize father-son PDA" by posting all these photos of himself loving his unembarrassed sons. Bang-on, right? David's now got a good collection of these pics—the most recent a birthday tribute to his son, Romeo (above).

"My little man turns 13 today," David captions the pic. "Into his teens and still an Arsenal fan lol...Happy birthday beautiful boy ❤️⚽️❤️"

Happy birthday, "beautiful" Romeo! And thanks for sharing these inspiring pics, David Beckham!

Oh! And hey, did you catch David's tattoo of his daughter's name around his collar bone? "Pretty lady ❤️ Harper." OMG, dying of the sweetness.

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This article was originally published on Sep 03, 2015

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