You've got to watch this touching reunion of identical twins separated at birth

Ten-year-old sisters meet for the very first time and it's the most emotional thing ever. #allthehappytears

You've got to watch this touching reunion of identical twins separated at birth

Photo: Good Morning America

Time for your daily cry. *pulls the tissue box closer*

Ten-year-olds Audrey and Gracie were born in China and adopted by different American families.

Audrey grew up in Wisconsin, while Gracie grew up across the country in Washington. They both had heart defects and have undergone surgery, they both wear dark-rimmed glasses and the same style of clothes. Neither had any idea that the other existed.

Audrey's mom, Jennifer, did some poking around to find out more about her daughter's family in China and uncovered a photograph of Audrey sitting on the lap of her foster mother. Beside Audrey was a baby who looked exactly the same. That's when Jennifer got to work trying to find this other baby—her child's identical twin.

Thanks to a detective in China, she found her. Their emotional reunion was captured on Good Morning America.

Watch it here:

This article was originally published on Jan 13, 2017

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