This sweet father-daughter moment makes us love the Rock even more

We all know The Rock is great dad, but the story behind this cute pic reminds all parents out there not to take these quiet moments for granted

This sweet father-daughter moment makes us love the Rock even more

Photo: @therock via Instagram

Everyone knows that the life of a parent is hectic. Everything happens so quickly and chaotically that before you know it, 18 years have gone by in a flash (except for those moments that seem to drag on for a millennia—time is weird like that). That's why it's  important to treasure the quiet, calm moments with your kids, where nothing else exists except the love you share (yup, we're getting sappy).

While it's no secret that these moments of tranquility are super special, it's always good to get a reminder—especially when that reminder comes from the hunky slab of dad muscle that is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The movie star recently uploaded an adorable picture of him and his second daughter, Jasmine, sharing one of these quiet moments on his Instagram, and the story behind the photo is enough to melt your heart. Take a look:

Can The Rock hold us for a bit while we blow raspberries, too?

Jokes aside, this cute father-daughter moment has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Good thing Christmas is just around the corner— there are hopefully at least a handful of these quiet love-filled moments in store for everyone amid all the holiday chaos.

But there's no need to wait for the holidays to have a moment like this (although holiday cuddles DO have their own special sort of magic, don't they?). You can find time to tell your family you love them any day of the week. Here's hoping your kid will just sit and enjoy your company for a bit instead of running away to dump out every bin of toys he owns in a matter of minutes. Good thing they're cute, right?

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