This Sesame Street remix of "Despacito" will be stuck in your head all day

"El Patito" is our new favorito song.

If your kids can’t stop singing and dancing to Despacito, then you need to watch the new Sesame Street parody: “El Patito” (Spanish for rubber duckie).

In the video, Ernie serenades his BFF Rubber Duckie with silly lines like “Rubber Duckie, it is a connection / It doesn’t have to be a tubby session, ya,” in a catchy, upbeat tune that switches from English to Spanish.

And like parents everywhere, Bert complains the whole time and tries to make it stop, until the infectious rhythm finally takes him against his will.

As much as we’d love to pretend we’re haters like Bert, after one listen, this song is our new favorito. Watch the video now and you’ll be singing El Patito all day with us. Sorry, not sorry!

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