Breaking news: Elmo has been "fired!"

Trump's federal budget does not include Elmo, or PBS for that matter.

Breaking news: Elmo has been "fired!"

Photo: YouTube

"Elmo's been working at Sesame Street for 32 years!" cries an outraged Elmo in a parody video, after a stern voice off camera tells him he is fired.

“But Elmo’s rent just went up!” laments the Muppet.

The voice explains to Elmo that he is losing his job because of the Trump administration’s proposed 2018 federal budget, which calls for $54 billion in cuts, some of which includes slashing funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting—which will directly affect PBS.

When Elmo asks who he can talk to, the person firing him suggests he speak with President Donald Trump. “Donald… Grump?” Elmo asks, alluding to a 2005 Sesame Street episode.

The voice also advises Elmo to get health care while he can, because “that’s being gutted too.”

The viral video is heartbreaking, and the only remedy suggested for Elmo’s financial woes is taking pictures with tourists in Times Square for tips. Elmo is not pleased.  

News of Trump’s proposed budget has inspired other similar videos, including Big Bird on Jimmy Kimmel. Meanwhile, Sesame Street has been receiving all kinds of positive coverage for its recent introduction of Julia, Sesame Street’s first autistic muppet, who will be making her television debut on April 10.

Even though new episodes of Sesame Street are only available on HBO, after having spent 45 year on PBS, the show’s reruns are still aired by the public broadcaster.


The iconic children’s show is known for including constructive lessons into its episodes, teaching kids to spell, share and treat others with respect. As the video says at the end, “PBS is an essential source for preparing kids for the future.”

The clip calls for support and encourages people to contact their local representatives to "tell them to save PBS." The organization is also accepting donations.

This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2017

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