This new miracle drug will fix ALL of your parenting woes

There's a pandemic worse than the flu out there and it affects 10 out of 10 moms and dads. Luckily, this new medication is here to give you some relief.

This new miracle drug will fix ALL of your parenting woes

Photo: The Dad via Youtube

"Do you suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue and Moana on repeat?" If so, you may be suffering from the ailment that's sweeping the globe with no signs of stopping: PAR·ENT·ING.

A parody ad was recently uploaded to YouTube by The Dad Originals, touting a medication that can help moms and dads deal with the daily stresses of PAR·ENT·ING (emphasis on the second syllable). Symptoms include: "having kids, children, tots, youngins, boys, girls, boys and girls of your own."

What is this miracle drug, you ask? It's called AphukenbrakE. (Yup, you read that right. A f*cken break.)

We think this spoof is beyond hilarious and totally nails the real struggles of parenting. Using the gentle narration and soft background music that's a dead-ringer for drug commercials, the ad lists the potential dangers of PAR·ENT·ING, saying it can lead to "extreme debt and loss of self identity." Yup, tell us about it.

Luckily, AphukenbrakE is here to help as long as you follow the warnings listed by drugmaker. "Do not take AphukenbrakE if there's no one watching your kids and if you've taken one in the last 24 hours." As with most parenting—ahem, sorry—PAR·ENT·ING—solutions, you should consult your spouse before taking AphukenbrakE and do not take AphukenbrakE if your spouse needs it more than you (the ad features a dad, so you know who that disclaimer is meant for.)

AphukenbrakE may not be a real prescription medication, but in truth, sometimes a f*cken break can really help. In the words of this genius ad campaign, "PAR·ENT·ING is not easy. Take AphukenbrakE."

Watch the ad in all its glory below:


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