This time lapse shows what being a stay-at-home mom REALLY looks like

No, it's not a day off, and no, they don't just sit at home binge watching Netflix. So back the F off, stay-at-home deniers!

This time lapse shows what being a stay-at-home mom REALLY looks like

Photo: Gemma Chalmers via Facebook

Some people just don't get that being a stay-at-home parent is a full-time job. So when Gemma Chalmers's partner was going on and on  about her doing nothing all day, she decided to show him what's really up.

This stay-at-home mom posted an 8-minute-time-lapse of her entire day at home to Facebook earlier this week, and seriously, just watching it made me feel secondary exhaustion.

The video starts at 9 a.m. with Chalmers making the bed, bringing up laundry, putting away coats, cleaning the kitchen AND the play room and getting her son dressed for the day—and that's just the first hour of her 12-hour day. (Mind you, she also mentions in the caption that before she even started filming she had already cleaned two broken glasses that her son tossed to the floor, emptied the dishwasher, took a quick shower, changed a diaper and got herself dressed. Are you tired? Because I'm tired.)

The duo go for an outing at a local indoor play area and a snack and then it's back home for nap time. This part of the time lapse is totally relatable for parents of little ones (and super hilarious for non-parents) because throughout "nap time," Chalmers has to keep coming to put her son back to bed because he JUST. WILL. NOT. SLEEP.  We're pretty sure we counted at least 10 tuck-ins, but there was that blurry part where things were moving so fast, she probably tucked him in as many as 20 times by the end of it.

At noon, it's more laundry and tidying up. She even finds time to wrap a couple presents because it's that time of year. At 1:15, she finally gets to eat lunch (which she eats on the couch with her feet up because she frikkin' deserves it!)

After that, it's lunch for her son and then off to an afternoon appointment. Once they get home, the rest of the day goes on in a similar vein with more tidying, an episode of PAW Patrol, making dinner and finally bedtime. See her day in all its glory below:

While her day is nothing out of the ordinary, it goes to show that stay-at-home moms aren't just chilling on the couch for 12 hours. She mentions in the caption that her time spent working—she also works from home as a nail technician—actually feels more like a break. After watching her day, we believe it.


So here's to all the stay-at-home moms (and also all the working moms who have to find some time in their day to do all this). Your job ain't easy, but y'all are killin' it.

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