From bump to baby in just 90 seconds!

One dad-to-be takes a photo of his wife every day while she's pregnant. And there are two adorable dogs. So much cuteness in one video.

There are a lot of cute pregnancy time-lapse videos out there. It’s pretty cool to see expectant moms go from no-bump to baby in seemingly no time at all. But now we have found the best time-lapse video of all.

First of all, there are dogs. Two furry friends who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby. Some days they look bored, other days they are running around, wondering why their mom’s belly is getting so big (or what’s for lunch!).

And this mom is one stylish mama-to-be! I kept rewinding the video so I could get a better look at her outfits.

As if the cute factor wasn’t high enough, the time-lapse shows how the couple turned their guest room into a nursery! So sweet.

Check out the video yourself, you’ll definitely want to watch until the end to see baby Dylan’s big debut!

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