This exhausted mom at her kid's soccer game is all of us

It was her kid's last game of the season, but she was so, so tired. Here's to the moms who know when they have no choice but to take some time for themselves.

This exhausted mom at her kid's soccer game is all of us

Photo: @glennondoyle via Instagram

Parenting is exhausting. And soccer moms—or any mom with kids in organized sports—arguably have it even rougher. Between worrying about healthy snacks, smelly gear, practice times and carpool, the to-do list for soccer (or hockey or baseball) moms is seemingly never-ending. On top of all that, when your kids play sports, they have games. And those can last hours.

That's why we're kind of loving how this Florida mom decided to get a little "me time" during her kid's soccer game by taking a nap. Yep, an actual nap, right on the sidelines. And no matter what the Judgey McJudgersons may think, we're applauding her for practicing self-care at any given opportunity.

Blogger Glennon Doyle recently posted a picture of this mom on her Instagram with a caption that read, "On this Thursday morning: I give you MY NEW HERO." She explains that it was their kids' last soccer game of the season and while the other soccer moms were cheering boisterously from the sidelines, this mom plopped herself down on her purse for some much needed shut-eye.

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Truly heroic.

The most hilarious part? The mom would get woken up every so often, and when roused from her slumber, she'd simply raise her arm and say, "Yay," and then crash out again. Now that's a mom who's living her best life.

"I love her," Doyle wrote in her caption. "Her entire existence said: I’m showing up for my kid, but I’m not gonna pretend I’m not exhausted about it."


Now obviously, most kids prefer if their parents would watch every move when they're playing sports. And kids do deserve to feel supported and encouraged in their passions and endeavors. But, real talk, parents are under enormous pressure to show up for their kids and be on their game every single second. We kind of like that this mom did what she needed to do in the moment—and if that meant taking a snooze while her kid ran around a field for two hours, then so be it.

"TO WOMEN WHO FREAKING REST WHEN THEY’RE TIRED...." writes Doyle. "Let us know them. Let us raise them. Let us be them."

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