This amazing "wooden" roller coaster build is every Lego fan's dream

Whether your a kid or a kid at heart, you gotta see this awe-inducing Lego coaster that's serving up tiny thrills to its mini-figure riders.

There are a lot of Lego roller coaster videos floating around the internet, but this massive 90,000-piece coaster may be the biggest one yet. Get ready Lego fans!

Created by Lego-enthusiast Chairudo, this behemoth stands at almost 5 feet tall and measures over 21 feet long (that’s about 5 feet longer than the average car!). It’s based on a real-life wooden coaster called El Toro—which can be found at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in Jackson, NJ—features over 85 feet of track and took him over 800 hours to build. He even used an industrial heat gun to slowly bend Lego train tracks to the correct angle—now that’s commitment.

Check it out in all its glory in this video he uploaded to YouTube:

So intense, right? It’s ridiculous that even though it’s made with Lego, those steep drops and sharp turns can still make the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. He even made a video that’s solely POV, so you can experience the whole thing uninterrupted. No joke, it feels like you’re actually riding a life-size thrill ride.

picture showing a basket of berries and legos 10 clever ways to organize LegoWe also love all the tiny details he added to the build from the countdown clock at the start to those super realistic trees. How in the world is that all made with those tiny plastic bricks we know and love? (Except when we accidentally step on one.)

The coaster is on display at a toy store in Prague, so you’ll have to do a bit of travelling if you want to see it in person. For now we’re just gonna watch that POV video over and over because who doesn’t love getting to ride a roller coaster without having to wait in line?

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