So there's a life-sized Lego house in Denmark and you could sleep there

Do you, like, LOVE Lego? Then be sure to check out this contest, which grants one lucky winner and their family a trip to Denmark to sleep in the Lego House!

If you think stepping on Lego is a good time, just wait until you see the Lego House.

JK, it’s super cool and your kids are going to lose their sh*t when they find out they have a chance to win a trip to Denmark to explore Lego headquarters and sleep in the Lego House. And there’s special Lego-proof slippers for parents, so chill.

Here’s the dealio:

Living room made from Lego

Photo: Lego

The Lego House is a nearly 40,000-square-foot structure that opened in late September in Billund, Denmark (that’s where Lego started, in a carpenter’s workshop back in the ’30s). The house is filled with more than 25 million Lego bricks. And here’s where it gets super dope: Lego has teamed up with the home-sharing app AirBnB to offer a contest for families to win a free overnight stay in the plastic brick house.

bed floating on a big pool of lego pieces

Photo: Lego

One winner and their fam (up to three additional guests) will be flown to Denmark from anywhere in the world and can stay at the house overnight on November 24, 2017 (yep, that’s U.S. Thanksgiving weekend). They’ll be picked up from the airport in a Lego car and given the VIP treatment: First, a tour of the facility, then dinner in the restaurant (where they’ll build their order out of Lego, then a robot will hand-deliver the real food), then enjoy a special lesson from master Lego builder Jamie Berard.

family portrait and floral arrangement made from Lego

Photo: Lego

To enter, you just have to answer one question on the AirBnB listing: “If you and your family had an infinite supply of Lego bricks, what would you build?” Answers will be judged on originality and creativity. The winner will have the opportunity to build their vision under the expert guidance of Jamie and with an endless supply of bricks.

But there’s more! After BRICKfest in bed, the winning family will be able to leave their footprint in the Lego House. (The details of what this actually means aren’t specific, but it sounds like a cool surprise, no?)

Entries are due by November 16. Find more information at the Lego House AirBnB listing.

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