This 4-year-old had the funniest reaction to her dad having diarrhea at a rest stop

The potty-trained kid took a page out of her parent's book and helped him through the situation the only way she knew how.

By Kevin John Siazon

This 4-year-old had the funniest reaction to her dad having diarrhea at a rest stop

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As many parents who've potty trained their kids know, getting them to poop (or even pee!) in a toilet takes a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm. You spend so much time cheering your kids on, that it's no surprise they might think that's totally normal.

This was definitely the case for daddy blogger Clint Edwards when he got hit with a bout of diarrhea at a rest stop two hours into a 12-hour road trip and had to take his 4-year-old daughter into the public washroom with him. He recently shared this experience in a Facebook post, and as you can probably guess, watching the student become the teacher is all kinds of hilarious. Check it out:

Yep, his daughter—who he referred to as "the Richard Simmons of pooping"—CHEERED HIM ON as struggled through his digestive issue. "Good job, Daddy! Good job!" Talk about monkey see, monkey do.

While this situation may sound utterly embarrassing for him (apparently the man in the next stall over couldn't hold in his laughter when the girl called her dad a "pooping, farting robot"), we think it's downright adorable. She was just doing for her dad what he used to do for her when she was struggling to get it all out. She gave her support in lots of ways (commenting on the size, smell and sound of her dad's excrements), but the comment on his work ethic is one that really got us: "Wow! You're trying so hard!" What parent hasn't said those exact words to their potty-training toddler?

Also, how can you not love how—in perfect little-kid fashion—she just randomly exclaims her age as she counts his poops? "You make two poops! Now three poops! I’m four!" So cute!

We also love that when father and daughter got back to the car, she took the liberty of giving the rest of the family a full play-by-play of the incident, all while clapping her hands—obviously. So props to this dad and his new potty coach—here's hoping she can save all her future pep talks for home games from now on. And let's be real, we're just glad they made it to the bathroom in time. We're sure dad is too.

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