The original My Little Pony from the '80s is back. Take all our money!

The much-loved pastel My Little Pony figures of our '80s childhood are back. And you can collect them all. What are you waiting for?

OK, so My Little Pony is still totally a thing. But the newer models are a far cry from the tenderly round, pastel-coloured, doe-eyed creatures we squealed over in the ’80s. To be honest, that next generation looked like they took up extreme dieting and picked up a bad attitude somewhere between then and now.

But, now it’s time to rejoice!

The OG 1983 My Little Ponies of our childhood dreams have returned to celebrate their 35th anniversary. Welcome back, Minty (shamrock butt), Blue Belle (star butt), Butterscotch (butterfly butt), Snuzzle (heart butt), Blossom (flower butt) and Cotton Candy (speckled butt)!

Boxes of classic My Little Pony dolls

Photo: Basic Fun

The new collector toys come in a retro-looking box with a comb for taming that silky mane; a ribbon and a poster. #Swag. You can get yours at Indigo in Canada or Toys R Us and Target in the U.S.

Neigh, Girl, neigh!

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