Attention: This iconic '90s item is back and you need it right this second

OK, here's a hint: They were initially released in 1987 and are inspired by Vanna White. You're going to be so excited that this iconic '90s beaut is back.

The ’90s were such a special time for neon colours, fanny packs and chunky plastic items. And guess what?  Caboodles Vintage Makeup Cases are coming back! We repeat: The mirrored makeup catch-all of your ’90s dreams is back and available for purchase. Better call your friends on your Dream Phone.

While the frosted lipgloss, sparkly makeup brush, Lip Smackers and white eyeliner that used to litter your Caboodles case might be expired, there’s still lots of space for your more timeless items.

Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, these totable cases (that were conceived after Vanna White was photographed carrying her makeup in a tackle box) are available for preorder and just $12 a pop. At that price you can grab one for you and one for your mini-me (who may be more eager to fill it with Shopkins than makeup).

Caboodles didn’t skimp on the nostalgic details, either. It’s pretty much the same as the original ’90s version you knew and loved—logo and all—with a mirror inside the lid, two swing-out trays (for easy butterfly clip storage, obvs) and a deep centre for stashing makeup and those notes you passed in class. But instead of  retro bright blues and purples, these updated cases will be a bit more chic, paying homage to the classic with a pretty pastel palette.

Check out the cute options:

pastel lavender and green caboodles can

Photo: Urban Outfitters


orange and green opened caboodles

Photo: Urban Outfitters

pink caboodles case

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Adorable, right? We can’t wait to get our hands on these, what about you?

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