14 iconic toys from the '80s

Do you, like, remember these totally tubular '80s toys or what? There were sweet droopy-eared pups to adopt, a bear that played cassettes and some pretty radical gaming systems.

By Amy Valm

14 iconic toys from the '80s

Photo: The Strong


For sure on your Christmas list in 1980, playing arcade-style Pac-Man at home was a dream come true. 

Atari gamesolePhoto: The Strong

Cabbage Patch Kids

Complete with a name and birth certificate, were you actually a child of the ’80s if you didn’t have one of these? 

Cabbage Patch doll in pink pant suitPhoto: The Strong

Care Bears

Based on the popular cartoon, you still try to apply ‘sharing is caring’ to your everyday life, don’t you? Over 40 million of these were sold between 1983 and 1987!

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original care bear in the boxPhoto: The Strong

Nintendo Game Boy

1989 is when teachers everywhere started confiscating handheld video games in class. 

Game Boy original handheld video gamePhoto: The Strong

G.I. Joe

The military-themed action figure from the ’60s resurfaced in the ’80s. Gnarly. 

GI Joe toy in packagingPhoto: The Strong

Masters of the Universe figures

He-Man and the gang were all here. Look at those thigh muscles!

He Man action figuresPhoto: The Strong

Lego Minifigures

Before the mystery packs and multitute of series and characters, there were the OGs who were pretty basic but still cool. 

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Bag of vintage Lego mini figuresPhoto: The Strong

My Little Pony

Pastel-hued ponies with sparkly manes, glittery butts and delicious-sounding names. Into it. 

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My Little Pony with accessoriesPhoto: The Strong

Nintendo Entertainment System

1988 happened and so did Duck Hunt and Super Mario on the NES. A re-release of a miniature model created chaos in 2016. You can try to scour the Dark Web for a mini, but the competition is fierce. 

original Nintendo Entertainment SystemPhoto: The Strong

Pound Puppies

The Cabbage Patch Kid of the dog world, each sad-eyed pup came with a cardboard doghouse and adoption papers. 

White pound puppy toyPhoto: The Strong

Rainbow Brite

Quintessentially ’80s, Rainbow Brite was huge on the big and small screen, with colourful toys to match. 

Rainbow Brite dollPhoto: The Strong

Rubix’s Cube

Initially marketed as the Hungarian Magic Cube, it went mainstream, got a new name and has challenged the world with it’s colour-coded puzzles since 1980. 

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Rubik's cube in the packagePhoto: The Strong

Teddy Ruxpin

“Come dream with me tonight…..” Who could forget this creepy animatronic friend with a tape deck in his back? 

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Teddy Ruxpin stuffed toyPhoto: The Strong


Is it a weapon-toting bot or is it a vehicle? Guys, it’s a Transformer so it’s both, obvie. 

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Optimus Prime transformer toyPhoto: The Strong

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This article was originally published on Nov 23, 2019