Be still our '90s hearts, Polly Pocket is relaunching its compact playsets!

You heard that right! The iconic mini worlds are coming back with a fresh new look, and our inner '90s kid is totally ready for it. Score!

Be still our '90s hearts, Polly Pocket is relaunching its compact playsets!

Photo: Herry Lawford via Flicker Creative Commons

Many new moms of today grew up in the '90s, which means they'll probably remember those adorable Polly Pocket playsets that folded up like a clamshell. Well, hold on to your butterfly clips and get ready for some new toys in the house, because Mattel is bringing 'em back, baby!

Relaunching in June, the new compacts are true to the original concept, with tiny dolls residing in mini worlds that fold up easily to fit right into your kid's pocket (well, maybe more like in mom's purse). They're just as bright and colourful as the originals but come in a bunch of new shapes and designs. One small bummer is that there doesn't seem to be a compact world in the relaunch that's made with glitter, like the original series had—but on second thought, that might be for the best.

Everything inside the new compacts—from a ski lift to a rock-star stage—is just as teeny tiny as you remember, except for the dolls, which have gotten slightly bigger. Check out some of the cute new compact designs below:

Six of the new mini compact playsets from the relaunch of Polly Pocket Photo: Mattel Canada

It's been a whopping 20 years since the original toys were discontinued in 1998 (wow, time flies!), so we're pretty ready for this relaunch. Mattel also announced that the summer relaunch will include a brand new animated series, so move over PAW Patrol—the original Double-P is back in town to reclaim our hearts and her name is Polly Pocket.

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