The internet is freaking out about this kid who destroyed $1,300 of makeup at Sephora

A kid supposedly demolished a palette of makeup at Sephora and the internet is obviously all up in arms.

The internet is freaking out about this kid who destroyed $1,300 of makeup at Sephora

Photo: Brittney Nelson via Facebook

Shopping with kids can be stressful for parents—kids like to wander off (sometimes run off!) and kids like to touch things. And sometimes, when you're a mom who just wants to treat herself to some new makeup (or even just look around Sephora and gaze at all the pretty things you can't afford), it's hard to enjoy yourself while also keeping track of what your kids are getting their hands on.

Apparently, this may be especially true at a makeup store that's filled with shiny, colourful things, that look a heck of a lot like finger paints, and are displayed at kids' height.

Georgia-based makeup artist Brittney Nelson recently posted an image on Facebook of a Sephora makeup display that had a full palette of expensive tester eye shadows cracked and mixed up into each other. According to the post, she had been shopping with her friend when they came across the ruined display, and saw a mom and little kid leaving the store rather quickly. Putting two and two together, she snapped a few pictures and decided to share it as a PSA about not bringing your kids shopping with you.

And as you can probably guess, the internet was not happy.

Some people called the mom irresponsible for not watching her kid close enough. Others called out Nelson for blaming the kid (and shaming the mom) when she didn't actually see it happen.

Some people were mad at her for suggesting that shopping without kids is a viable option for every mom. (Note to the judgy judgersons out there: It's not.)


There were those who were simply upset that such an atrocious thing happened to all that gorgeous, expensive makeup—and others who were angry that Sephora sells makeup at such steep prices in the first place.

Either way, there was anger all around.

Without knowing exactly what happened, we're wondering if the mom might have missed an opportunity to teach her kid about taking responsibility and admitting mistakes. But what's your take? Is there any part of this nonsense (#firstworldproblem) that people should actually be angry about?

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This article was originally published on Nov 17, 2017

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