Meet the angriest baby ever!

We didn't think a baby could suffer from resting b*tch face until now. Someone cheer this little guy up!

Don’t you ever look at a baby and wonder what’s going on in their mind? Like, why is he staring at the fan for so long? Or in one baby’s case, why is he just so angry-looking?! Readers, we present to you the angriest baby ever:

Watch as this mom attempts to cheer her baby up by stretching his face gently with her hands. Although mom definitely got a few giggles in, baby did not crack. He is not impressed—not even with that fan behind him giving him the sickest ‘do. And just when mom thinks that she’s broken through baby’s mean mug (watch at 0:41), baby instantly goes back to basically being the human form of Grumpy Cat.

Cheer up, baby. You’re too young to have Resting B*tch Face.

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